Do you ever think about how the human race has developed into such a complex society that we have trouble keeping up with ourselves?

I mean, I love all the happy things that a civilized society provides. Like clean water, paved roads, and the Internet. But on an evolutionary level, we aren't that far off from our less comfortable ancestors. Our brains and bodies haven't adjusted to the levels of work that our culture demands in exchange for these comforts. Society tells us to do more, more, more when it is healthier to slow down and enjoy life for a while. Stress is a major problem in advanced cultures like our own, and far beyond its emotional impact, it takes a serious physical toll. (Which we don't have to worry about right now because we have weed. Smile if you love marijuana!!!)

In contrast, many tribal cultures have members who only work 20-25 hours a week. This includes hunting, gathering, cooking, making sure their homes don't fall apart, etc. I'm not too good at math right now but if I am thinking correctly that means they have about 145 hours of leisure each week. Time to do whatever they want, chill out with their tribe-friends, fuck people from other tribes (or the same tribe if that's how they roll), chant or sing or pound on those drummy-things, chill out by a lake, run around the forest, and if weed is a native plant to their region, they can just smoke on all day and nobody really cares because it's just a plant, bro.

As a society, we have grown accustomed to the pleasures of civil life. We enjoy getting pizza delivered instead of hunting whatever pepperoni is made of. We like taking warm showers instead of bathing in a cold lake, sleeping on cozy mattresses instead of beds of animal fur, and watching porn on the Internet instead of looking at obscene wood carvings. Most people would prefer to have those delights in exchange for the tranquility that a tribal life would provide.

However, it is easy to see how a calm life could be appealing. In addition to the benefits that we receive, we are expected to get an education, maintain a 40-hour work week, wear pants in public, clean our homes, raise a family with limited time/resources, abide (or pretend to abide) by laws about what plants someone can have, and do a thousand other things that are relevant for the social norms of our society.

Although the human race has created incredible technology and resources, we have also developed an intricate, restrictive social code. Our species is still young, and we haven't yet made the necessary adaptations to live well in this code that we have created. Each culture has something valuable - we have more pleasures, while the tribal culture has less stress. Except for when a wild animal attacks their village or something. Then they have a lot more stress than we do. But mostly they're pretty chill.

Beyond this, the point is that there are no advanced cultures. Each culture has its own strengths and weaknesses. We take a look at their culture and think, "Man, look at those fools, I could never wipe my ass on leaves for the rest of my life," but they could just as easily look at ours and say, "Man, look at those fools, I could never work 40 hours in a minimum-wage job just to barely make ends meet." Although we have more technology and other developments, they have a life that is more suitable to the way humans were built to live.

Peace on earth, man.