I don't think many understand that there are these boundaries set up by society that constrain us as to who we are as humans and limit our free thinking while skewing our perception into seeing a world of separation. We are born with opinions already in place, which makes sense as children because we tend to take opinions with our parents and friends. But people tend to forget to learn to think for themselves. Because of this we have irrational "truths", and one of those truths is that we live in a world of separation. If you've tripped, you've probably had the thought "what the fuck man, why is it considered WEIRD, to just walk up to someone eating and sit with them in silence. Why can't that be a regular thing." Wanna know why you think so logically? It's because the mushrooms get us back to our roots. We can think without the interruption of bias beliefs thrown at us by the media and higher authority figures. This is why mushrooms are illegal. They break down those opinionated structures, allowing you to think freely, and realize the real TRUTHS.