Second Hand Toke

When you are the only one high, and you can still make your friends laugh like they were too.

Me: Sup

Becky: nada just runnin through shit rite quik b4 i kill the boyz! yup thats rite another day 6:30 am wake up time ! for what reason? none none at all! i want to fuck some kids yp already and its barely 9

Me: Some parents like to do their killin before breakfast, some after.
Becky: Good way to put it! what r u up to today?
Me: Well, im supposed to go to work, but i got a little Montana Suede in my system, so its going to be interesting.
Becky: What the heck are you saying? whats "Montana suade"?
Me: It's medicinal nigga
Becky: u have a mechanical black dude? thats so awsome:)
Me: Ya, like the terminator, but he looks like Jay-Z, and break dances.
Becky: Sweet, i'm have to barrow that nigga to clean my shit one day! lmao!
Me: Sometimes he says; "I got 99 problems but a glitch ain't one!"
Becky: hahahhahahahhaa! glad you can make me laugh in the am!