I think hardcore/screamo music was really popular among teenagers because of the attention it demanded.

Teenagers are known to be hormonal, and let’s face it, we all wanted to ‘tune out’ for a little while at one point or another. Hardcore and screamo music are some of the only well-known, mainstream if you prefer, genres that you can turn up loud enough to actually feel like you’re tuning out the world. With headphones, not only are you blocking out enough around you, but you’re also messing with your brainwaves.

Because when you think about it, hardcore/screamo music is so heavy and full of alarming sounds that certain parts of the brain - such as emotion regulation and the release of adrenaline – light up and can thus effectively act as a form of catharsis. Listening to or watching violent music/TV, participating in physical activities such as running or cleaning are some cathartic activities in which we let out our 'dark energies' and aggression. Screamo music is all about letting out aggression.

So I guess technically scream music is quite an effective stress reliever, yet so many people hate it.


Wed, 01/23/2013 - 4:03pm
botwinbig Says:

I also think smoking weed can be cathartic ;)

Wed, 01/23/2013 - 4:13pm
Khapz Says:

Also a teens amygdala (emotional center in the brain) is changing too at the point, thus why all the outbursts. I see it this way, during that time essentially things are more enhanced and more intense, so it helps to have something for some that can represent that intensity well :). and as far as people who dislike it, I respect disliking things. We don't choose to enjoy the flavor of our food, no more than we choose to enjoy what sounds we hear, we just do and react one way or the other unless we are being prestigious and choose beforehand.