"Scared to express,
Prepared to suppress/
Numb to reality. . .
A Bear in a dress : /

It's not fair but its blesssed, 'Cos that's where all the rest are/
Pain that is shared, becomes bearably less hard/..

A fake smile's what we wear,
like our best scarf/
Holdin' the cold in,
We're vultures who trespass/..

Asking for energy in clever little ways/
A botanical garden, where everywhere's in shade/..

So we fight among ourselves for whatever we can claim,
In the hope that one day, up in heaven we can bathe. . ."

I wasn't technically high when i wrote this, Kinda the opposite. . .
I was hanging after a heavy one the previous night, drifting between waking life and dreaming. . .

But it was definitely an altered state of consciousness (...as i was left thinking "what the fuckk have i been doing!?"). . . So I feel it kinda counts :) 1L..

(p.s I don't normally write like this, it was experimental... just working with whatever came to mind first without altering the wording too much. . . which is why it's pretty randomm!)


Mon, 01/09/2012 - 11:31am

lol im all for it man!, random is usually the best i like this keep it coming you are now a favored cause lyrics are an expression whether it be notable or noticable to what its expressing its always there!