is something I do SO much more when I'm super frazzled.

I just toked a lot of hash and I was on my fourth attempt of saying something in a text exactly how I wanted it to and it still probably isn't going to sound right... but I interrupted that and set my phone down behind me to come write this highdea because god damn texting sucks haha.

This is my theory. Texting allows you to look at what you say before you say it, and therefore kind of "hear" yourself talk. Since some people are very critical of themselves, myself included(although I try not to be, it's just inherent I think and it helps sometimes so I embrace it), I often perceive what I say as stupid or think it could be better, and when I'm high I always have TONS of thoughts so it's like of COURSE this could be better! I would re-do it if I had the chance. Guess what? I DO have the chance with TEXT messages! It's so hard to find that one thing that sounds just right sometimes! Half the time I end up with something way too overthought and complicated. Therefore I'm never satisfied with my text messages and am doomed to eternally ponder my replies to simple questions.