When is it safe to smoke weed after all my wisdom teeth got removed? I had my surgery 4 days ago. I heard a painful "dry socket" could happen if I smoke without healing enough, but I'm running out of Oxycodone pills they gave me, and I really, really badly want to get stoned again.


Sun, 04/26/2015 - 11:38pm
sykotik Says:

They will tell u at least a week.. I say soon as you get home...
Theres a trick to it though.. What causes the dry socket is more the mouth muscles doing the 'suck' thing.. Thats why they also tell u not to drink from a straw for a while either..
Get a good power hitter... Like a 'hosed' vap, or a 'minivac' electric bowl. Or, if u dont have any of those, make an old skool power hitter (AKA 'shotgunner') out of a sport bottle (or other type plastic bottle, pop, water, watever)
Something that blows the hit into your mouth so u can just casually inhale and not have to suck (drag) on it... If u have a friend, have them blow u shotguns ;)
Oh, and keep some guaze over the work area, definitely...