You ever wonder what is out there? Past the farthest reach of the universe where mankind's most thought provoking questions are answered? This is my highDEA that explains the existence of the human race and its relation to multiple dimensions.

You find yourself wondering one day about multiple dimensions and if there is any way of experiencing them. Well you can already view 3 dimensions as of right now. The 1st dimension(a single line), the 2nd dimension (an image on paper), and the 3rd dimension (the world you are in). But what about the others? The 4th dimension can be easily be described as your life being a roll of film. You can travel to any point of your life at any given time because it has already happened. In a sense you can time travel. I will stop at the 4th dimension because I do not have an answer to reach any further dimensions.

In order to reach the 4th dimension, all of mankind must be informed about where we are in the universe. This knowledge must be implanted into each human being as if it were an instinct such as breathing is. A person can be informed in any way, but the most natural way is for them to have a dream about it and automatically be aware of it. The knowledge is explained below.

Lets pan out from where you are right now and go further away from that spot similar to how you would on Google maps. You pan out far enough to see the entire Earth. Lets go farther, you now pan out to see the Solar System. Pan out even further and you see the Universe in its entirety. This is where you become aware of information that has yet to be discovered. The Universe is actually in a box cube. You pan out even further and notice that our own Universe is actually 1 cube of a total of 27 cubes in a rubix cube. Each cube on that rubix cube is a completely different universe with its own galaxies and planets with life forms on it. You pan out one final time and see that this rubix cube is sitting on a table inside the room of a young child. This world that the child is in is actually the 4th dimension.

For us humans to be able to discover the 4th dimension, every universe on the rubix cube will need reach this knowledge of where we are in this world. Our own efforts determine when the child solves the cube.

Each dimension is trying to unlock its next dimension. The child in the 4th dimension is in a world that is try to reach the 5th dimension by the same means but their 6th dimension counterpart will have different object to represent them. The entire cycle of 11 dimensions is continuously trying to unlock the next stage in order to complete become united into 1 single existence known as "Entirety".

Now you come back into reality. The purpose of life has never made this much sense. You appreciate more as a person because life itself is so meaningless and meaningful at the same time. You are confused at the thought of what to do next, but you already know what to do. Just keep breathing, its instinct.