If you saw Jesus on the street today but didn't know he was Jesus, you would probably think he was a terrorist.


Fri, 12/25/2015 - 11:48pm
supernaut Says:

The fact of the matter is not racism, even though that is an issue in america, and yes some people do overreact to seeing a Muslim, mostly because their idiots and they cant see past the message of society.
The FACT of the matter, is that terrorism is real, it isn't just something you hear about. It is brutal, it is deadly, and it has been deadly. People die by having their arms blown off and shrapnel in their lungs and liver. They get shot to shit and die, full of adrenaline and not full of what they should be, their insides. There must be caution, there must be skepticism. Racism has killed people, but racism is stupid. Muslims entering into your country at an alarming rate IS something to be afraid of. Not because of their race, but because what some people in and of their race believes. A population of Mideastern ARE terrorists, and tyrants. People HAVE died in France, in America, in the Middle Mast. And when there is a large population of Middle Eastern or Muslim refugees entering a country like france, there is BOUND to be a terrorist amongst them. And there has! It's no matter in which way you are emotionally swayed. Whether you judge the Muslims, the terrorists, or even the Americans. The fact is, people die, and people die by ways of terrorism. It is a problem, it is horrid. I think i've made my point.

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