Every human on earth should just pledge to not have any more children. We're all going to die anyways, and if we keep heading in the direction we're going, it'd be a horrible, painful end. Instead of using up all our resources and starving or dying of thirst or burning up because of global warming, we could just slowly die out as a species. It's been proven that the world would recover after we left, so why the hell not?


Sun, 01/06/2013 - 11:24pm
Daggmar Says:

Or how about we just legalize suicide and give a better name to abortion, or even make a law like Communist China had where we're only aloud a certain number of children. I think about this all the time as well. I wonder what the world would be like without Humans. In most of my respect, I believe it would be a better place for most beings and things, But won't something else end up claiming superiority shortly after? Yes we're over populated, but we earned our superiority (not saying it was earned fairly, but nothing in life is fair, right?), and that's why we're here and the way we are. I don't know. Such a big subject to think about. I like to recall a lyric from The Gits' song A Change Is Gonna Come where she says, "It's too hard living, but I'm afraid to die." I some times think, well what if we just wipe out a dangerous race or community? But then I think, well that's way too fucked up because I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me or the place I live in. Anyway, nice thought. Way more peaceful than suicide or homicide.

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 2:10am

Haha you can't make suicide illegal or legal someone commits suicide there fucking dead you can't charge them.for shit

Sat, 02/16/2013 - 2:53pm
Daggmar Says:

Actually, it is illegal. Look it up. When you commit suicide, there are a lot of repercussions to follow, but I'm not in the mood to explain all of them, but yeah. look it up dude.

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 10:44am
bakayurei Says:

we're a failure anyway, don't need any more help failing.. ironically it's because we've made too much of a success of ourselves hahaha .. the only thing we need to worry about is ourselves, the earth's come out of much worse problems than us in the past, come out smiling every time, she can adapt to anything, e.g. she's already started adapting to all the plastic waste we've been leaving on her by inventing fungi that can reprocess it.. we can't possibly damage the system as a whole, Life will always go on as long as the earth can support it, and there'd have to be a proper extreme change before our planet's become fully uninhabitable.. but as complex as we are, we need everything to be exactly right, we're not like extremophilic life, and pretty soon the earth will have become uninhabitable for us, specifically, and that's the reason why we'd need to change our behaviour.. otherwise, we should just live however we want to with no regard for consequences, and let things happen the way they're going to .. but if we want to ensure our own survival thru this transition in to whatever the next chapter will be, we have to start reducing the human population.. and there are two ways to do this- 1- give women control over their reproductive systems, and 2- stop reducing the death rate, it's far too low as it is.. o yea, and 3 haha (nobody expects the spanish inquisition) stop making people live so long, we can't possibly sustain all these pensioners and they're not strong enough to keep working, even if we had jobs to give them.. then eventually we'll have started terraforming and colonizing some of the rest of our solar system, then we can settle for a bit until we're able to move to other solar systems, and so on, that's the ideal situation.. and to survive to that point, we'll need to cut our population right down