How did it start? Like did someone saw a animal and said "you look cute, I'ma keep you."


Tue, 01/12/2016 - 9:03pm
JahRoslav Says:

It was probably more in a fashion of "hey look that wild thing we just killed for food had offspring that's too small to eat. Let's take them home and raise them obedient so that we could kill them later and not have to hunt, because hunting is that era's equivalent of going to war, hence average lifespan of a male is about 25 years".

First pets were for food and hunting. In the process of raising animals for these purposes humans discovered pretty fast how breeding works - they noticed similarities between parents and the offspring, thus breeding animals of required qualities gave needed results sooner or later (though the farmers and the breeders didn't realize why it works this way till Gregor Mendel's discovery of genetics in the 18th century).

With the discovery of selective breeding, new breeds of animals were created by long process of choosing and picking. The breed could have been adapted to different purposes: hunting big game, hunting small game, guarding, racing, tracking et cetera. Some breeds were quite expensive, thus having a good dog became a popular trend, only available to the rich people, some of whom though haven't required the dog for any particular purposes rather than to have it - and so the decorative dog breeds were raised, for the sole purpose of looking pretty and being small so that it wouldn't shit too much inside the house.

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 9:49pm
supernaut Says:

I respect the people who go through the trouble of elaborating on those otherwise meaningless highdeas
Well done
and a nice little chuckle

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 7:54pm
bakayurei Says:

what the slav's said's fairly complete but to add to it, yea, i'll bet a lot of it was just because we thought the thing was cute.. we have an instinct that draws us towards things that have roughly the facial proportions of a human baby and makes us want to protect it (probably why we bred the snout out of some dogs), because genes that give you an instinct to kill your baby are very quickly driven extinct.. that instinct must have spilt over into other species, made us want to keep animals from other species as pets, to satisfy that instinct.. like kids playing with dolls, we kept cats and rodents and other baby-like animals.. maybe the reason why were able to domesticate dogs in the first place is connected as well in a small way, maybe we didn't drive away as many brave i.e. tame wolves as we would have without the instinct, and at the same time found that it was useful to have wolves near the home