So recently, me and a friend have found ourselfs discussing dreams and talking about our dreams more often. Well the strangest thing happened, we found out one of the places, which exist soley in our dreams, exists in both of our consciousses and we've both been to it and its called "dark grove", grove being the name of a place we both live near, dark possibly being a lower dimension. Anyway here's the mind blowing part, my friend was telling me about a strange dream he had earlier, about a war between the rich and the poor, it was set in his house and people were gathering there to go to war and were having some sort of meeting were some very specific things occurred, the craziest thing is, I realised I've had exactly the same dream down to every detail and it was set in his house. I'd forgotten about it but since he told me about it, it's reminded me and I can vividly remember the details now, which my friend confirms. I've no idea how to explain this other than dreams are as real as waking consciousness and we can share dreams with other people that we might or even might not know in our waking lives. If anyone has any comments or wants to share an opinion on any of this, please do, I'd love to see what the people of highdeas have to say about all of this.


Sun, 09/07/2014 - 10:43am
bakayurei Says:

did you two grow up together? were you raised in the same house? according to jung dreams about your home are to do with your own psychological development, unless these images mean the same thing to both of you they're different places.. but of course that's only based on jung's theory of it

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 1:01pm
lovelion Says:

Jung did say some insightful things about dreams, but this seemed way too specific to be a simple psychological trick, the way the events unfolded and the overall message of the dream, and the fact that they possibly both happened within the same couple of days, and we didnt grow up in the same house or anything, ive known him since i was about 12 but it just seems way too specific to be honest.