If high schools made karate a mandatory gym course that every student had to take from freshman year to senior year, they would have an entire senior class full of black-belts in karate. IMAGINE SCHOOL FIGHTS? There would be a hierarchy between the classes, sports teams would be physically unstoppable, and rival towns would not even try to mess with your school. Everyone's physique would be ripped, and plus, just imagine special-education ninjas. Why are we not doing this?!

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Sun, 07/15/2012 - 7:17pm


Tue, 07/10/2012 - 10:58pm
Mon, 07/16/2012 - 8:10pm

I literally read the title and couldn't NOT click it.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 5:26am

My first impression before I clicked on your highdea and only saw the title was like, when a normal person walks in they see no one but if you are a ninja then its just a normal day at school for you.

Sat, 07/14/2012 - 2:21pm

it would be expensive is my guess. and also there's not nearly enough karate instructors in this country for every school.

Sat, 07/14/2012 - 10:12pm
Thinking Says:

It would not be that expensive - the instructors would replace gym teachers so therefore they would take the gym teacher's salary.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 7:42pm

i'm pretty sure karate instructors would demand more pay than gym teachers. and like i said not enough of them

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:18pm
skothr Says:

the point is to have ONE ninja school so the others are inferior. So you'd only need a few karate instructors.

Sun, 07/22/2012 - 10:40pm

i had karate as a highschool course mind you he also taught 3 other classes which had to do with history. really is an awesome thing in school make people closer to cuz beating the piss out of eachother for a year really brings you close to people. it really is a course i would suggest for school everywhere

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 3:55am

My old high school we had a 'strength & conditioning' course which is just like an alternate gym everyday you would do some crazy shit like run a mile or two, bench, incline bench, squat, clean, and then we would do some intense ab exercises . Wrestling was the only sort of thing like that in my school, but I took judo and jiu jitsu instead. I didn't like wrestling it was kinda awkward.

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 6:48pm
Thu, 07/26/2012 - 2:16pm

Karate is one of the most useless and dumb martial arts... wrestling is the best base for fighting and wrestlers are some of the most highly motivated and hard working athletes in the world... Calling wrestling gay is the easiest way to get your ass kicked BY a wrestler

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 9:44pm
iBeNiko Says:

i know that feel bro. i signed up for it, then i was like wtf am i doing here, what ever happened to jumping off turnbuckles. lol

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 12:21pm

that would suck since i blew off school most of the time. everyone would be able to beat my ass.

stay in school kids or you'll get your ass kicked. literally and metaphorically lol.

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 1:44pm
nurplette Says:
Sun, 07/15/2012 - 6:29pm
Garret99 Says:

Interesting highdea but Unless people had proper motivation to train hard at it karate wouldnt do many of the things your saying the ammount of time alotted to take gym class for 4 years wouldnt do that much theres people thath ave done karate for like 10 years that still have guts nd g et shitkicked by mma guys...

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 7:59pm

well then, the school could transfer a student from like china(i know china's not going to participate in that shi*t, but just fir the sake of the story) who is an expert in like jeet kune do, them he gets picked on and ends up beating the shit out of the top bully, and everyones like "WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU LEARN THAT?" and he says "jeet-a, kune, a-doe." then everyone will be all pumped and have enough motivation to do it

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 7:29pm

More like that movie Sky High. Teenagers all have superpowers. Gay movie, awesome highdea

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 7:43pm

This won't happen because we live in a fascist judgmental stereotyping society in which the government is slowly killing it's own people.

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 8:13pm

bro all i can say is thats awesome and i know where youre coming from but karate isnt very brutal if you were gonna invest in a fighting style you'd do like mma or something muay thai even karate is more about defence and keeping distance all the time where as mma you go out there to kill a mofo..

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 9:45pm
iBeNiko Says:
Sun, 07/15/2012 - 10:02pm
LoaditUP Says:

It's funny cause they talk about how bad bullying has gotten I'm pretty sure if all the nerds knew karate, there would be know problems

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 10:19am

Then the nerds become bullies and the cycle repeats.

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 11:33pm
Fwapp Says:

But they would all be stupid ninjas because they missed out on all of their academics

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 12:23am
Kushimi Says:
Mon, 07/16/2012 - 1:39am
FryDaMan Says:

As a Black Belt in Karate/Shotokhan I'm stoked to see this HighDea. I started it before I went into high school and no one fucked with me. at all. I applaud this thread and hope that it will come to light.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 3:05pm
Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:22pm
skothr Says:
Mon, 07/16/2012 - 8:16am
Mon, 07/16/2012 - 9:37am
upthecrunx Says:

Awesome. I took dance through high school and college as my phys ed. I likely would have been fucked with less in high school if I could do more than pirouette menacingly.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 10:39am
everlast Says:

At the highschool I went to freshman year, we would have a local MMA instructor come in twice a semester to lead gym class. We would run half a mile, do some crazy workouts, then you work on your stance and punches. He lead us in the punching part and somebody actualy turned and just clocked the dude next to him. The guy that got sucker punched smashed the kids nose, then dragged his ass out the gym door and started beating him before the gym teachers even realized it

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:24pm
skothr Says:

Cause MMA's fake, over-violent karate.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 7:24pm

man, i already am one. taekwondo for 4 years :) i smoke weed and workout.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 8:06pm
Mon, 07/16/2012 - 10:20pm
Tue, 07/17/2012 - 2:29am
anditsGONE Says:

you gotta see crow zero then that movie is dope as fuck as describes exactly what you're talking about

Sat, 07/21/2012 - 2:28pm

Theres a book called kung fu high school it's basically everything you just said