A mysterious women cloaked in a wisp of black laced leather, and armed to the hilt; stumbles into a Victorian Tavern on the out skirts of town- befuddled the townsmen in the tavern become transfixed upon discerning her beauty which hastily attracts the attention of three alpha males; They seem intent on her capitulation- And forthwith they move toward her proximity, encompassing her like a circle of sharks... Unabashed my lady draws her sword and utters a muffled plea of foreboding, before she is brazenly attacked! She's quick and the man was hesitant, he falls back dropping his sword to the floor.., "He's missing two fingers" And this enrages his fellow counter parts, they lunge with intent to kill, when as if mockingly they are thwarted by the girls uncanny acrobatics; humiliated by a display of theatrics one couldn't even begin to describe, she spoke: Careful; your libido ought cost you your lives~ "Condescending" Well the men didn't know what that meant, and they didn't fancy being seen as fools, so they raised their weapons again with stern intent-

Man 1: You better watch your tongue whore!
Man 2: Someone ought to teach you some manners!
Man 3: Oh, she'll submit!

She chuckled and they attacked, there was no mercy, it was not quick, and the stench that filled the room, left the tavern uneasy- Then the lady lowered her sword and grasped a near by candle; she whispered into the flame which fluttered and turned green; "Magically" the smell and bodies where gone evaporated into thin air... She spoke again: Rest easy, for I am only passing through and shall depart come dawn, anyone who ought keep their hands to themselves need fear no harm~

*She was flustered by the attention of men and turned to see she was the spotlight of the room; Ugh! she let out a sigh and addressed the throng- "Please don't let my company distract you from your business; it's ok to glance, but it's rude to stare!" (She said glaring at an old man in the back of the room) *Abashed he turned away blushing clearly flustered by the way he jumped* She made her way over to the Bar and called for the barman's attention, he seemed subdued in lye of his reverence to not offend, but she spoke anew:

Mysterious Women: Not you Mr. Tender, you can stare, for I desire and ear to listen or a voice to hear~ So tell me a story or Ask me a Question; I'll indulge it- You'll find no judgments from me, "Judge not less ye be judged" and all that mambo jumbo!

Barman: ..."

Barman: (Musters) Who are you?

Mysterious Women: Who am I...? I am the reaper you revere the thing you fear may soon appear, I lurk in the shadows down below; far beneath the status quo! Under the weak and under the less- I hang with the best..., My name is: Lylith

Barman: Well Lylith to what do I owe your acquaintance this fine evening?

Lylith: Perhaps advice-

Barman: Advice?

Lylith: Well I can't help but notice the lust in your eyes-

Barman: And what of my lust?

Lylith: Well suppose I was to present one of my girls too you- she would be everything you've ever desired, just whisper in her ear the role you wish her to play and she will know (She'll hear it in your voice and play her part perfectly) ~It'll be the most sensational night you've ever experienced, but such a night will bear it's mark and leave you cursed; for when I go, she goes with me! And you will weep for her return and bear that agony for the rest of your days...

Lylith: So what say you?


Cowboy: Couldn't help over hearing your conversation if I might add my thoughts-

[ Lylith turns with a smirk and nods ]

Cowboy: I've never been to fortunate with the ladies and I ain't ever slept with a girl who didn't stink, so if it was me, I'd take that deal in a heart beat and ride that frisky beast till sun up!!! I ain't care much for some heartache that's soon to follow, I'd bare that agony my whole life for a single night of passion!

Lylith: Well, tender..? What say you? If you refuse, I'll extend the offer to our fellow friend here, but if you accept you'll deny him that right; all after hearing that lovely tale of enthusiasm-----

*The Bar tender thought intensely before spouting out his final words---

Bartender: Well...., I think any Honest Man would refuse that offer, Any Religious Man would Reject it, and any Nobleman would let it pass, but a Sinner- Well a Sinner just couldn't dismiss the opportunity!


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