After you die, there is still a good 5-10 minutes of brain activity left after the rest of the organs have shut down, as it can go a few minutes without oxygen. A theory that I have come across: that after we are declared physically dead, our mind is still very alive and conscious in a blissful, time-dilated state, with a type of "dreamtime" or spiritual experience attached. DMT is one of the most powerful, naturally occurring hallucinogens known to us.

I was thinking about that TV show called I Survived Beyond and Back which is about people who have near death experiences but live, and share their stories. They see things too, like God and other crazy things. Maybe it's just the DMT that's being released that makes them see that stuff. Maybe none of what they see is real, but they believe it is true because they saw it. It's a pretty interesting show. Anyway, I think that when people have those experiences, their body is in the process of shutting down and DMT is starting to be released. Which makes them hallucinate and I think when they see things, it is because of the DMT. But for some reason they come back to life and then the DMT stops being released.

"The Light" described after so many NDEs is common with DMT users (supplemented) as well as those who have had actual near death experiences, so there is definitely some correlation with not only that, but other experiences. Scientist still barely understand the purpose of DMT, although it is found in most living things on this earth.

I hope this makes sense and is understandable.


Tue, 01/01/2013 - 4:16pm

I do think this is totally realistic since DMT is one of the craziest drugs known to man and your brain is flooded with it when you die. Because of this I'm never gonna try DMT because I don't want to have any tolerance so I can trip balls for eternity after I die. This makes me feel a lot better about death

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 11:07pm

Imagine if that's literally what happens, like you trip your fucking balls off for an eternity hahahahahaha.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 2:04pm

you cant build a tolerance to dmt, u can get used to it, but u wont need more to achieve the effects like with weed or alcohol

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:41pm
Matt_32993 Says:

So what if you die in a way where your brain is an explosion or shot to the head or something? If your brain is damaged or destroyed when you die and cant produce DMT, will you miss out on your eternal DMT trip?

P.S. I have done DMT a few times and thought of many theories like posted and similar, but this has always been a question iv had.

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 12:29am

yeah if you destroy it, like a gunshot or something, your brain probably wont be able to comprehend whats happening because of the lack of brains lol

Ive done DMT a few times too and I think that DMT is our gateway to the after life. I kind of believe that we were created by the Annunaki and that we will be going back to our creators planet if we deserve it. I also seen a theory that we get to choose if we want to reincarnate or go into the higher consciousness.

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 10:57pm
AJisChill Says:

I think it's funny that she says "Maybe it's just the DMT that's being released that makes them see that stuff. Maybe none of what they see is real, but they believe it is true because they saw it." Doesn't that apply to our current reality? We see stuff, we believe it is true because we see it. Seeing is believing. Fortunately, I think that dying/DMT, what you see, is far more real than what we experience. Look at time, time shouldn't exist. It is a flaw in our system, it keeps us in order, but makes us follow a day by day schedule. We aren't suppose to live in a time universe. When you die and you enter that timeless void, that will be real.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 12:44pm
Tue, 07/16/2013 - 6:58pm
AJisChill Says:

If anyone wants to talk about deep shit like this, message me.

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 4:33pm
Pornflakes Says:

my highdea is relevant to this if anyone cares

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 12:03am

When you illegally ingest DMT you trip out on less than what is naturally released in your Deep REM sleep every night. I have said that I will only ever smoke weed. I lied. I will try DMT. my cousin smoked it once and says he cant describe what he saw but he knows what it means and he cant explain it. Joe Rogan on DMT . It is a great video. give it a watch if this drug interests you.

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 10:43pm
Matt_32993 Says:
Wed, 04/17/2013 - 12:38pm
Goobz Says:

whoa......that's intense! I totally see what you're saying. That's my belief on death too!

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 3:48am

have any of you ever done DMT? I have, and I believe that when our dmt is released into our brains that it is strong enough to send our consciousness to another planet or realm. I also read that if you know youre going to die, you can meditate and reincarnate yourself to live on earth again. there is so much that our minds are capable of, we just have to harness our conscious effectively.

let me know if you want to read my first experience

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 4:13pm

Sure! Yeah, I would love to try DMT. It fascinates me.

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 2:39am
MediFaded Says:

When i was surfing one time, i had a near death experience where i was held under water for what my friends say was about 3 min. (3 min doesnt sound long but imagine being out of breath from paddling your ass of, and breathing quickly while riding then wave, and not being able to take a deep breath before you go under) While i was under i was PANICKING THE FUCK OUT just trying to reach the surface with all my might, and then it hit me. The most peaceful, calmness i have ever experienced. then like a snap i popped up gasping for air like a fish out of water. Alot of surfers especially the big wave surfers have felt that and have experienced Oxygen deprivation. Thats what i feel like Death and DMT is, its like your body handling all the stress and pain you might be in by releasing chemicals to deal with the stress and pain.

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 6:56pm
DennIsHigh Says:

that's exactly what it is. This is because we are all just a test.

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 5:44am

I've tried DMT before. It was an amazing experience.

I agree with you though and I've said this myself, quite often.
It just makes sense. :)

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 12:29pm

I think the chemical reaction at death is to give you some solace in what could really be a baaad experience. Nature makes it so that when you die, it's not so bad. Or something like that... I think this experience is completely objective though... When my grandma died, I knew she thought of heaven, and she made her own heaven with that last trip of dmt; in her mind. I'm a spiritual person, but i don't think i'de envision heaven or a hell, i would think about the simplicities in life that made me happy' things that were genuine. I wouldn't go to heaven, because i don't believe in god. Not that he's not accepting me, moreso, he wouldn't exist in my mind, and I would look to different comfort in my dying thoughts. I think heaven and hell can be real as anything, in the persons mind, with that last dmt trip. It only makes sense that your brain is the last to die, since naturally you'd try to preserve yourself to your last bit of functionality... unless you have an instant death. imagine how unsatisfied the brain would be if it didn't get that last trip

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 8:01pm
xeoneon Says:

So if someone is beheaded, do you think they still get to enjoy that dmt trip?

Sat, 02/15/2014 - 1:51am

yes exactly. But who knows, they say your brain lives for just a bit. Maybe all you feel is the feeling of the thought. Enough for you to feel the angst of your circumstantial death

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 2:03pm

I've thought about this for awhile that's why I made a highdea called avoid death by explosion because you know what if you were like instantly completely incinerated. Your brain wouldn't even get the dmt. So boom no afterlife

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 9:06am

yup. Excpet i've thought about getting shot right through the brainstem or something.

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 3:06pm

I believe psychedelics in general allow our minds to tune in to "higher frequencies", as a sort of radio so to speak. DMT is especially profound because it is endogenous. I feel that everything you need is within, if you catch my drift. I've done DMT and while it was terrifyingly intense, it changed my outlook on life greatly.

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 5:51pm

Holy shit you just blew my mind... #mindfuck

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 11:08pm

"I Survived: Beyond and Back" is one of the greatest and most interesting shows I've ever seen.

Definitely one of my favorites.

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 5:34am

You should watch the movie 'Enter the Void'. It's on Netflix and it's simply incredible especially if you're into DMT and the afterlife.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 6:11am

I'll vouch for this cause that movie was amazing, I'm actually planning to watch it on shrooms soon

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 9:07am
Mon, 07/15/2013 - 7:37pm

That movie is crazy. I never finished it completely, but I felt like it changed me a little. It also made me feel pretty depressed for a few hours after ending it 3/4 of the way through. Haha.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 10:23pm
fiene23 Says:

haha i remember watching that totally stoned when i was a beginner...i didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 2:08pm

Maybe DMT is somehow connected to the spirit world and this hallucination continues once your Sole has passed through a void in time that the DMT has opened in your mind. This would be the moment you pass through to Heaven or Hell. Also, if a person was to get shot in the head, does this still occur, because as we all know, when this happens its lights out 99.9999% percent of the time. With this happening, this is when a persons sole is trapped in the mortal world and becomes ghosts and such.Crazy to think about

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 6:05pm
mr_niceguy Says:

What is the time delay in this reality from induced, death-severe injuries? It could be that this "moment" trips our consciousness into a never-ending repetition of our lives. At least that's a theory I hold possible. Maybe I'm living out my life for the 900th time, and a couple minutes ago, or a couple seconds ago in my 1st reality I have just suffered a death blow. Maybe, like others have suggested, that your mindset presets what the mind produces from the DMT release. And since I believe this theory is possible, it really is what is happening at this "moment". huh. no? just speculation, it's all we can do really.

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 9:24pm
BudStrings Says:

I found that out too a while ago and when I told this to a christian kid at my school, he tried to tell me that DMT wasn't in the body and all this other shit. Point being that's probably the truth but you'll never convince a religious person. They'll go on that "you're wrong and i'm right" bull shit

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 12:39pm
seerean Says:

I feel that doing DMT is like practicing death. You see lots of things you're afraid of, but if you embrace it all you go to the other side, see the unreal, then the DMT is metabolized and the trip is over.

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 3:10pm
Mon, 07/15/2013 - 3:52pm
letsdoit Says:

your profile pic is the fuckin best! i love that 70s show :D especially hide :D

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Tue, 07/16/2013 - 3:21pm

Haha I just noticed we both got the Simpsons but nah I wasn't getting mad. I'm just saying dude your not just down voting copy and paste Facebook shit. Your going to peoples original highdeas and saying "they arnt real highdeas" even though most of them are highdeas, you just don't like them or the person so you down vote them all and talk shit like miss Debbie downer. You went thru and down voted like 5 of some dudes highdeas and talked shit on all of em. We don't need your negative Nancy shit here.

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Mon, 07/15/2013 - 7:38pm

You got that from Enter The Void...which is a trippy ass movie about what this drug addicts brain does when he dies or somethin..its worth checkin out

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 10:25pm
fiene23 Says:

When you dream your on DMT so your dreams are a light trip

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 2:00pm
slk0230 Says:

I had a very similar idea, glad to see there's others who think similarly - even a TV show about it.

If this were true, it would be reasonable to deduce that every individual's, society's, and religion's thoughts on the afterlife are actually true.

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 4:07pm

I read your Highdea. I thought I was the only one who thought this! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 1:01am
thealy123 Says:

This is absolutely true. People unfortunately use these hallucinations as justification for their spiritual beliefs, even though nearly everything can be explained by some sort of naturally occurring phenomenon.

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 2:31am
Akhiro Says:

I think you just discovered what the experience of death feels like man. This is too deep.

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 6:07am
slaptapdan Says:

i spent so long looking into dmt! its crazy! its also present as a baby when in your mom's womb! and present in high doses during R.E.M. Dreams! Its present in anything living and is created naturally in the pineal gland in the brain!! its a wonder drug and i really want to try it!

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 2:25pm

If anybody wants to talk about stuff like this, message me!

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 1:10am

Idk, maybe, or maybe you'd just be like "ah fuck I'm dead"

Sun, 09/06/2015 - 2:10am

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