So my friend and I were out smoking in the woods today. I love getting baked and just taking in the beauty of all of our surroundings. We couldn't help but start rambling about trees. First we estimated the tallest trees age, saying it was like 400-500 years old. It then dawned upon me that that piece of bark, that we usually dismiss as ordinary, has been standing there for almost half a millennium. I was wondering what kind of things the tree saw as time went by.. Just to know that 500 years ago, Europeans JUST started to settle in America and this tree was just chilling right at that same spot, just observing and chilling. It's fucking amazing to realize the things the tree has seen. We began discussing whether the tree was happy or sad in the changes he's seen and assumed he was sad. The forested area we were in was surrounded by suburbs where as 500 years ago it was all probably forested. So the trees observed slowly but surely, this encroachment on their natural habitat by these creatures that insist on taking everything for themselves. Like cancer, these creatures metastasized and took over huge chunks of land from the trees. At that point, we were feeling somewhat sad for the tree and I even began to gently pat it as if I was comforting a friend. Idk where i'm going with this, I'm still high as fuck.. but nature is amazing. I wish everyone can just appreciate the beauty of it. What do you guys think? Surely, i'm not the only one that has that strange infatuation with trees.


Sat, 02/07/2015 - 5:48am

considering what i've ever learned about trees, they don't have the ability to see, and they don't have the ability to have emotions like sad or happy. i'm fairly sure i would have heard about it if they were able to feel or to see, as everyone would be more interested in trees and their well-being. they probably aren't aware of what happens anywhere outside of themselves, and i'm not sure if they're ever aware of what happens inside of themselves. i'm sure trees are more than anyone is able to observe or test of them, but by what we know about what's required for sight and emotion, it's likely they don't have any of those senses, and have simpler lives. i'm glad they don't know about all of the relatives of theirs we have chopped down to make houses with... but at least many people still plant trees and appreciate their beauty.

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 12:07am
stony.hill Says:

Although panda makes a great point I like how you saw it as an animate object. You got attached to the tree just like the Native Americans would. (sorry if this doesn't quite make sense)