- Recently I have read an article over the interent talking about how social networks, like facebook and twitter, can give you a bad reputation. Why? Because company's and managers actually go to an applicants, or employees, facebook or twitter and basically stalk them. If you have a picture that they don't like, no job. If you have said something they don't like, no job. If you've lied about something on your app, no job. Then I thought about highDEAS and I love this site because there is no way of connecting this name with me. :)

- If you think about your own thoughts, it's kinda weird. You're in your own head. You can have conversations in your head with yourself. You're able to have personal thoughts whenever you'd like and no one knows. And if you think about other people having thoughts, it's kinda weird as well. Like, what are they thinking about when they zone? What are they thinking about right now? What do they usually think about? And how different are their thoughts compared to my thoughts?

- Me and my friend were getting blazed in his garage last night and I thought about garages and I believe garages can tell a lot by a man and/or family. A nice and clean garage will say that family is clean and probably active. And a garage that's cluttered or messy will say that the family are kinda like pack rats or lazy.

- Does anyone else, when submitting an highdea, get kinda nervous about the CAPTCHA at the bottom like I do? When I'm writing my idea here I'm not able to see the captcha just yet but just before I'm ready to submit I get nervous that this time the questions is going to be something hard that I will not be able to answer and I'm probably going to have to google it.

- Lastly, this may sound complicated but, If you are ever around a radio with a dial that can find just about every radio station and the ones in between, it can be sorta fun. When you put the dial and pin at an area where you're recieving two radio stations and are not coming in clear, they make some pretty sweet remix's. Also, listen to the AM radio sometime. It can also be entertaining.


Wed, 01/09/2013 - 4:46pm

Shit I guess garages really do tell you a lot about people. Never thought about it til I read that. Glad I don't have one. I'm like a mystery