I don't really believe in the biblical god, that's just me. I believe that god is mother nature. It is something bigger than all of us, it did create us, without the trees, oxygen, etc. we wouldn't be able to survive. It provides the food we need, and in a sense it decides when it is time to die. (Unless human forces get involved)
This thought may sound crazy to some and perfectly logical to another, but its just an idea. (:
Comments are welcome. Or not. ha (:
Have a good day! :P

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Tue, 11/15/2011 - 12:42am

What do you mean when you say unless human forces get involved? You mean doctors? Or do you mean mystical, evil, ancient, dark, magical, human forces?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 1:34pm
lainey-bug Says:

I mean like technology, guns, nuclear weapons, war. Doctors could work too, with all the drugs and shit i suppose, But most of the time doctors keep people living longer than they want ha
All the technology we have is throwing off the balance of nature and evolution
With all the oil wells we dig and all the trees we cut down,
we are setting up the stage for our own extinction. =/

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 1:50pm

Indeed. I'm of the opinion that there are too many humans inhabiting Earth. It's only a matter of time before we take a step too far over the line and Mother Nature, Mom, flushes most of us down in an epic manner. Humans are the greediest beings on this planet. I don't think I've witnessed any other animals cutting down trees to indirectly produce newer, faster smart phones. If Mom decided to take us, I really would not be able to objectively disagree. I would, however, request that I have an excellent view of the end, if and when it occurs. =)

A buddy of mine, a cynical dude named Matt (Ha!), has a theory that there's going to be a stock market crash soon and there's going to be some serious issues that result. He thinks if that happens, ~80% of people will die from starvation/anarchy. I can't say I enjoy that scenario. However, I will admit that life would not be boring anymore!

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 2:09am

people don't die from anarchy, friend. They live it. :)

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 2:23pm
lainey-bug Says:

Yeah definitely, we could be living so much more efficiently. This Earth has enough for everyones needs but not everyone's greed. We could be making taller buildings instead of wide. If they would just shut off some factories like once a week that would help on so much pollution. And they cut down thousands of acres of forest a day. Killing multiple species that may not have even been discovered yet.
If people spent as much time taking care of this planet instead of going to church and praying to god, this Earth would be in much better shape.
More people need to just see the bigger picture. Life is bigger than me or you. Its us as a species and this Earth that was here before us and it will be here long after us. I feel like a BAD depression is coming. By the time more people see it though, its going to right in front of our faces i feel like.

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 11:24pm

I want to move to Finland, grow weed, hunt whatever wildlife is around, eat them, train my body to regain my primal instincts, make a lean-to or just live in trees, create bow and arrow, spears, daggers out of bones and watch the goddamn Aurora Borealis for the entire month of darkness they have due to their geographical high latitude. I'm not sure how good that is for growing weed though. I think weed enjoys sunlight and such. I'll just have to create a really rugged, badass strain that can handle some serious darkness. I'll send some your way. ;)

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 5:57pm
Mon, 11/21/2011 - 6:10pm
lainey-bug Says:

Better send some my way :P
You can't forget about me in Finland when you are out in the wild with no internet! hahaha

Tue, 11/22/2011 - 10:21pm

Since I won't have access to the internet (THANK GOODNESS!!), I'll send the doobie snacks via raven or falcon, whichever I learn to communicate with first (Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to attempt some Beastmaster shit.).

Thu, 11/24/2011 - 1:11am
lainey-bug Says:
Thu, 12/08/2011 - 2:31am

Don't worry. Just have faith in my Beastmaster skills. I will only entrust my strain, Dankenstein, to the swiftest and strongest of ravens.

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 2:15am
Tue, 05/15/2012 - 9:55pm
Brenbuscus Says:

u understand my thoughts. but we are not setting up for our own extinction though, whatever we do to the world, the world will do something bad back. We polute the rivers, we have no clean drinking water. we polute the skies, no clean air to breathe and heat to kill us. eventually with or without humans the world will reach equilibrum.

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 7:09pm
PastorDave Says:

Holy fuck you just made SO MUCH SENSE. I'm blown a back.

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 11:02am
WaLsH Says:

I'm torn between our technological advancement. On one hand, we hurt our environment and cause a lot of bad things to occur, but who knows, maybe one day our technological endeavors will lead to a discovery that could save countless lives.

(e.g. when the sun finally dies, what will happen to life on Earth? Without science, we die. With, maybe we survive and go to another planet to continue existence, we could also keep DNA of all animals in order to recreate their species; something we're already starting the process towards.)

I don't know, there is a reason we're so intelligent. We need to use it for the good, and even if we end up destroying our planet, maybe we can learn from our mistakes and take better care of the next one... If there is a next one.

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 1:53am

The sun won't die out for billions of years, by the time it dies, we will have already bled this planet dry. I'm curious if mars once had a civilization like us, and they killed the planet just like us.

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 1:16pm
pebbles Says:

That did not happen, I can promise you

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 9:07am
WaLsH Says:

Assuming we don't have means to restore the planet to a state capable of supporting life... What do you think we would pursue to sustain life, traveling to the next suitable planet for life or simply restoring our planet to a state capable of supporting life? I'd go with the latter, of course this is all theoretical, but I believe it'd be much safer to stay where we are and fix everything rather than travel into the depths of space.

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 9:42am
AdamOest Says:

Check out pantheism, I think you would like it, as you're pretty much describing it here. I myself am a naturalistic pantheist, which is just a little twist off of it. It's really a great philosophy, and awesome that you ponder this without even knowing that it's a thing.

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 4:22pm
Merryjuana Says:

This is very well thought out and I applaud that.

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 11:03pm
TittySpit Says:

*really smart intellectual and wise comment that fits in well with the conversation above*

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 2:24am
Wed, 05/29/2013 - 7:19pm
NeilDarby Says:

God is consciousness. Everything is consciousness.
that being said i'm using words to describe something so far beyond language/the mind that its almost useless.

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 12:27am
anonimous Says:

Not trying to sound like the judge mental Christian or anything, but what/who created the trees?
Again, not trying to start anything here, just giving and extension to the thought

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 6:10am
Thu, 05/30/2013 - 8:18am
Aid Says:

We, on the same boat. We have the same god.

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 1:06pm
Gawillamon Says:

I believe there is a God. I believe God is in everything, and especially inside of us. We are leafs on branches that are extensions of the tree trunk that is God.
I do not believe technology its self is a bad thing. It's what we do with technology that makes it bad. I could talk about the elite and how they're controlling the general population and destroying the planet, but I don't want to go into that conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo and start an argument...

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 4:07pm

You summed up my exact opinion. I don't believe God is in a church building with a hundred people in it... God is in the ocean, and he's in the dirt. I believe he is the warm spring sun rays that rests on your skin. He is an energy that creates fate and ensures that everything happens for a reason. God is in meditation. God is that feeling.

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 10:28pm
rambone224 Says:

I agree brother!! Could have said it better myself. Our greater being is mother nature herself. Everything was created by her and I believe that everything everyone is connected.

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 11:24pm
ATXghost Says:

at one point I belived that myself. but then I got high....

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 12:44am

This is themost amazing thing i ever read. it is so amazing i just cried

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 3:59pm
Shroomsday Says:

Look up sacred geometry it explains this theory in a lot more detail.

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 6:43pm
Ptapia512 Says:

That just blew my mind on a whole other level. Being agnostic I've tried to make sense out of a deity being present. That statement makes more sense than any religion I've been able to read about and look into. That is one crazy highdea.

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 9:05pm
Fri, 06/07/2013 - 5:41am

this is everything i believe too. amazing.