If you think about it... It's so fucked up and ironic for America to hateful racist and putting blame on mexicans or immigrants in general. America was founded by immigrants technically and Mexicans are the closest bloodline to native Americans cause they are already on this continent. Our founding fathers were immigrants and killed the true native people of this land. And now they want to make a big deal on Mexicans and border crossers and having these ridiculous stereotypes against them when they been here.. Idk..


Tue, 09/15/2015 - 12:04am

i agree... mexican's ancestors actually used to live much farther north than mexico and we went to war with them to take their land. justification? none. we wanted their land. if you decided to take your neighbors land you'd get arrested, but if the government wants to take another countries land, they have an army at their command. oh how hypocritical can they be.