Before dying, put an acorn in your mouth. If it grows through the ground, you'll have an oak growing right out of your freakin skull.


Wed, 10/28/2015 - 5:35pm
Echo_ Says:

Morbid but awesome.

Wonder if, by some mutation, the cells in the roots could ever start interacting with brain matter...


Tree people.

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 5:20pm
bakayurei Says:

the mycorrhizal fungi that forms symbiotes with tree roots act as the nervous system of 'unconscious' life.. in a way of speaking, it sends messages around plant roots .. it's the internet, that's what it is, it's like the internet more than it's like a brain, tho i'd describe it like a nervous system as well.. it's a biological internet that links plants together so they can share information about when there are dangerous vegetarian insects around, or fires.. there are fungi e.g. cordyceps that can infect animal brains and change the behaviour of the animal so it'll help it reproduce.. there are also worms and bacteria and viruses that do this, e.g. toxoplasma, rabies.. the worm can change the behaviour of mammals, smart mammals as well, mice, and the cordyceps only affects ants with their very simple brains but the potential's definitely there, one day they might start living in our heads, using our brains for consciousness and our bodies to act and get around..fungi are brilliant, thinking about them now i'm in awe, because of how little we know about them and how amazing they already are.. psilocin's one of the strongest antibiotics ever discovered, lots of fungal antibiotics are some of the strongest ever discovered.. the first one came from fungus.. they can reprocess plastic.. every new thing i learn about them blows my head open, it wouldn't surprise me very much if it was discovered that they're intelligent, i reckon if they're not conscious and intelligent already then they have the potential to be so, in some sense