A long time ago, a man set forth on a journey to find answers. He didnt really know what questions he was looking to answer, but he said to himself that he had had enough of the way things were, and everything needed to change. “If I can just find the answers” he thought, “the questions will soon henceforth become clear.”

Some might be curious as to why this man set forth on his journey in the first place. The long, drawn out answer probably wouldnt make much sense, so the short jist of it all is, because the man had constantly lived with regrets. “If only I had done that”, and the “If only I had agreed to this” and who could forget the “Why didnt I say that” of the world had become burdens to heavy for him to bare. “Something definetely needs to be done” yelled the man at the sky. And he would have probably asked someone else to do it for him, but then he recognized the fact that this too, would have joined his list of regrets. So off he went, on his journey to look for something that resembles an answer and/or a question.

“But which way”, the man thought? Which way does a man go, who constantly keeps looking back on the way his life has gone? “AHA!” said the man, as a stroke of genius insight struck his little mind. “Im always looking back, but am never able to do anything about it. So how about, instead of looking back, I just turn around and walk that way.” So the man did a quick hop, jump and skidaddle, and turned himself around and began walking in the opposite direction of what he previously had been sure was the right direction to be walking.

It was many hours, or days,(whose really counting) later, that the man stumbled across a nother being. Having not had the pleasure of talking to anyone in many months, he decided to introduce himself. “Hello, im a man.” The being was quick to respond, “Hello, a man. I am life”. This was indeed good news to the man, for he determined that life was exactly what he had been looking for.

“Well hello life! What a coincedence indeed, you are exactly what Ive been looking for. You sure are a hard thing to find, I feel like ive been looking for you my whole life, even though ive just begun my journey towards you.” Life smiled and nodded, either to show that he agreed with the man, or just to show that it could, in fact, smile and nod.

“Shall we get down to business, then? Theres answers I need from you.” Asked the impatient man. The man had not planned on being impatient, but now that he was finally for the first time so close to Life, impatience was all he felt within him. Life agreed that it would try its best to provide answers to the mans questions. And paused to allow the man to speak. The pause turned out to truly be a long one, as the man didnt yet, know the questions he needed to ask.

Growing ever more impatient, the man decided that he needed to say something, so thats what he did. “Life, you havent really been fair. I grew up believing that you would come to me early, and stay with me throughout. But you didnt do that, now did you? I went to elementary school, and they taught me that life would soon be coming, so be prepared. I then went to high school, and again they told me that you would soon be here. they taught me all these wonderful things to prepare me for finally meeting you. But I soon forgot all those things, because I was too eagerly waiting for you to show up. I went to college too, because someone somewhere told me the greatest path to life would definetely be through college. Didnt work out too well either, as you never once showed up. Afterwards, someone lied to me and told me that life lays inside a career. So I got one of those too. A dead end job really, I didnt like it all to much, just took it as a tool I thought would lead me to you. It didnt. So here I am now, a broken and depleted man. Always looking for life, always asking where life is, but never really finding it. Who would have known that you would be sitting on the side of this deserted road.”

Life listened to everything the man had to say with intent, giving it all of its attention. The man paused again, now waiting for an answer to a question he finally asked. “We have met once before, I dont think you remember, though” said Life to the man. The man looked puzzled, because he was for certain that he had never in fact met life. So bluntly he demanded to be told presicely when. “Oh, a long time ago. In a different world, the world you were in before you came to this one. We had discussed these same questions then, too.” Said Life.

“I dont remember this! Why didnt you let me retain these memories? Dont you think my existence would have been easier had I known this information?” Asked the man.

“Possibly. We discussed that too. I asked you, if you wanted to follow my rules. The rules of life.”

“And?” asked the man.

“And you did not agree. You said that you wanted, instead, for me to follow your rules.”

“And why didnt you agree to follow my rules? I think its only fair if Life follows and obeys the rules of a man.” Said the man.

“Well, thats your opinion. And my opinion would have been for you to follow all of my rules. But alas, we could not agree. So we parted ways. But before we did, we did agree on something.”

“And what was that?” Asked the curious man.

“We agreed that neither I would give you rules, nor you give me yours. We agreed, that the best way to go, would to wing it all. Be random. Cross each others paths as often or as little as either of us wanted.” Both life and the man paused for moments to ponder what they had just talked about. “You and I have both always known we were never too far away from each other. One could say that we are one and the same. But of course, you went out looking for me, ignoring the fact that I was always waiting for you back home. And at work. And everywhere, really.”

The man was becoming frustrated. He had set forth on a journey to finally solve the problems in his life. He never intended to go on a spiritual journey, and he had the suspicious feeling that that was what this journey was becoming. So, in an act of frustration and rage, he flipped of Life and went on his merry way. Determined that Life didnt know what the fuck it was talking about.

He searched for quite a while after that, did the man. Never really finding what he was looking for, probably because he never knew what he was searching for. He finally decided, after an extenuatingly difficult journey, that he would once again look for life, and finally settle the beef that he believed was growing between them. He looked and looked, but never did find the Life he was looking for. So in the end, he decided to take a Wife instead. “Wife, Life. Whats the bloody difference.”

The End. Or the Beginning. Or maybe somewhere in between.

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Fri, 12/21/2012 - 2:29am
jlueh421 Says:

I feel like the more we look for life, (and the answers it holds) the less chance we have of finding it. Whether we recognize it or were expecting it, life should be able to "find" us. That is the extremely frustrating part of being someone in this world where there is so many questions and not enough perceptible answers.

Sat, 12/22/2012 - 10:08pm
HighJane Says:

Eh, not one of your best stories, I feel like you kind of got lazy near the end and just rushed the finish to get it over with. Not a bad story persay, but comparing this to your previous writings I was kind of dissapointed, that's just me though, maybe someone else sees something in this that I don't, but any way, keep writing, I really do enjoy reading your highdeas.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 2:29am
yoinkie Says:

Fair enough, that's a fairly on point assessment. This writing was the result of me just needing to write. In the last month, I haven't written a single thing and barely read a page of a book because of work and other equally boring things no one wants to hear about. I finally got an hour of free time and needed to write something to prevent the madness from taking over. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter what you put out there, it just feels good to put it out there. It was therapeutic to write this, as is everything else I've ever written.

Ill step my game up for the next thing I write. Life just needs to stop getting in the way so much.

Tue, 12/25/2012 - 3:37am
HighJane Says:

Yeah, I know what you mean when you say you just needed to write, I definitely that feel, and now I kinda feel bad for bringing negative vibes, so I gotta make up for it with positives.I really like the plot of this story, because the situation at hand is actually an everyday thing for alot of people, including I witch gave me more of a reason to be into this story than being interested just because it's from the Yoinkster. The little change of the direction that the man did when he first began his walk, I think that part was pretty clever & cool, and the confrontation the man had with "life", was interesting to, nice conversation and what a twist when he mentioned how they had met in before. I just wished you woulda left out the last paragraph and ended it with a "to be continued... (I guess...or not.....and shit). But yeah, for the most part, 7/10 read.

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 1:45am
jlueh421 Says:

I was dissappointed that the man would turn his back on what he was looking for, but I did not expect the ending that's why I liked it

Mon, 01/28/2013 - 12:16am

The journey of this story.
Every word that I started to read.

That's what captured me.

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 1:37am

You had me hooked after the first sentence and you have great writing skills, but i feel the end could have been so much stronger. I know you said this was just an outlet so the ending was whatever, but If you re-did the ending with the same passion that sparked the beginning this would be beautiful. Great story overall.

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 2:34am
Shen Says:

"Which way should I go" The man thought to himself.

He doesn't know where he wants to go. So any way should lead him there.

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 2:55am

I think the beginning and the end are really unnecessary parts of the story whereas lifes bright and colorful parts take place in the "middle".

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 2:42pm
kyrule614 Says:

maybe because he smoked weed, his wife left him and took the kids, he lost his job, all his money and his house. maybe thats why he was on the side of the road and needed a change. moral of the story, dont smoke weed and kill ambition.

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 9:59pm
KungFuPurp Says:

seems a path like this happens to more than just a few, I've caught my self in similar situations tired of the way things are going and frustrated with your self, searching for answers that you can never seem to grasp but yet they seem to be right in the back of your mind but can never fully understand the questions that lie unanswered. Like one said Life seems to find you, if you're searching for it, it will never seem to fully come to you. Although most of us here are un patient and seem to continue searching