So im a senior next year. But I'm not really that excited to graduate, per se. I'm not excited to join the general turmoil and chaos that is our world. With people rushing about to and fro at 70 mph to meet a deadline, or a class, or to beat rush hour. We rush around so fast that we forget what's all around us. When was the last time you appreciated Life, in the most general sense of the word. Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself, what am I doing? I have. Most people want the same things in life. Money, success, a nice house and car, a lovable family, the perfect job. But there are those select few, those precious handfull of people, who have experienced real life. The peacefulness of a light rain. The fervor of a warm hug or a lovers kiss. The calming of nature. We've all lived these moments. But have we appreciated them? I got done with a semester test today and I had an hour to kill till my next one. I drove to this little cemetery outside of town and just sat there in my car with the door open and the windows rolled down as i smoked a couple bowls from an apple. I listened to the birds, and the breeze, and the cars driving by on the interstate. I felt the warm kiss of the sun on my skin. I heard this bird make a noise that I've never heard before. I had never thought that a simple animal such as a bird could make that particular noise. It sounded like a drop of water, but magnified. It's not just that, however. It's more then that. It's this simple creature, that I see every day, making this incredibly beautiful sound. And I think to Myself, what else am I missing? What are we all missing?! We all speed around as if the world will end if we are late to work or tardy to class. We become so obsessively integrated into today's society and cultural concepts that we forget to stop and relax. We forget to see where we're at, the only planet with life that we know of. And there is so much life here! All you have to do is stop and look for it. As I was thinking this, I asked myself a question. The most important question of my life, in my opinion. 

"What am I going to do with my life? Am I going to bend to the cultural norm of my time and be just like everyone else? Am I going to be stuck at a dead-end job and get 3 divorces and have 5 kids and be paying off 2 mortgages and 3 cars? Is that really what I want?"

My answer to this question came quickly, no I don't want that for myself. I want to see the world and learn to appreciate it for what it is and to learn to accept people for who they are, no matter what society says. I want to learn everyday. I want a comfortable house with a wife that will love me forever and vice versa. I want to have fun with my life! Life is so short, you can't just follow the guidelines set down by the previous generation. We all need to make our mark. This is my mark, my gift to you, if you will. Life is to short to live it like everyone else. Go outside, have fun, act like a kid sometimes if you want! Be the friendly neighbor who helps out from time to time. Life is so much more fun When you're nice. Karma catches up to mean people. And who wants to be mean anyways? Take risks, and have no regrets, because every mistake is a learning experience. Oh, and don't forget to toke up ;) I hope i've altered your mindset at least a little bit about life. I'm set on being different, on taking the road less traveled, but more satisfying. It may be hard at times, but it'll make my life so much better. People forget how fun life can be. Have you forgotten?       


Thu, 06/02/2011 - 1:14am

I can't even muster up the right words for this. Your are right in every sense of the word. I wish more people could think like that.