So i was at a party, outside smoking on the porch. We needed to pack another bowl. My friend had a grinder but felt he still needed the table that was out there. So he grinds it up, puts it on the table and packs it in the bowl. There was alil left so he put it back in the grinder. We smoked! :) later that night, inside, we wanted to smoke another bowl, i opend the grinder and there was a ladybug in the bottom part. WTF!!! Tripped out! no idea how it had got in there! it was coverd in kief! So of course our high selves had to name it. It was now dead, but died in a kiefy heaven so Kiefy it is! The next day, when we got home from the party, i went to grab the bong... and wat was on the lip of the mouth piece... A LADYBUG. And i screamed KIEFY! So now evry time i see a ladybug when im high i sream KIEFEY!!!!