A joint design that was built for getting one person high but should still work with a few more people.

1. Roll a paper around around colored pencil that doesn't have an eraser. Lick shut.

2. Slide paper about 3/4 cm off the back end of the pencil.

3. Put ground weed in the back of the pencil (the finer the grind the better).

4. Tightly pack the weed down with any thing you like. (I use the back end of a match stick).

5. Put more weed in and pack again (repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of weed in the joint. The weed should only span a short portion of the length of the rolling paper.

6. (Optional) Put layers of something else in for some fun. Some kief for a really nice joint, or some some more mind altering substances for a trip.

7. Push or pull the paper so that there is just enough room at the tip to seal the joint.

8. Twist up the end of the joint and push in on the pencil while holding the rolling paper to compress the weed farther.

9. Remove the joint from the pencil (The paper should collapse inwards when you do this to signify a tight seal.

10. Take a standard, plain note card and tear width wise about 1-3 in.(needs more testing to narrow down the size) in from the side.

11. Tightly roll up the torn off piece of paper so that it makes a spiral/circle tight enough to fit into the end of the joint.

Optional: Put a tiny piece of toilet paper in the center of the roll that spans the width of the paper so that it acts as an ash catcher.

12. Insert the rolled up note card paper into the joint. (You want it to fit somewhat snugly but not too tight).

edit: Scrunching up the paper by pushing the paper up along the crutch helps to create an air tight seal between the paper and the crutch.

13. Once the joint is lit, pull the note card paper out slightly from the pack of weed so you don't have to breath in any burn paper smoke.

Problem: The weed tends to fall in a ball of still smoking ash at the end of smoking.

Untested Solution: What if the pack of weed is twisted with respect to the note card paper and bent upward so that the joint now somewhat resembles a pipe. The "bowl" of the rolling paper should catch the weed to take that last hit. -edit... didn't work.


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thats what i learned in class yesterday lol

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