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Every single person on this planet, changes the world dramatically everyday without even realizing it

For example:

So last night I was driving home sufficiently medicated enjoying a nice cold arizona ice tea when I came up to an intersection, as the light turned green I dropped my drink and in the 3 seconds that it took for me to pick it back up, a what I presume to be a drunk driver due to his crazy driving, ran the red light at like 90 mph. I realized that If I had not dropped my drink at exactly 9:08 pm and I wasn't stalled for those 3 seconds, I would of t-boned by a car going 90.

I started to think about everything I did that night up until that point, such as, Taking that piss before leaving my buddies house, or stopping at the gas station to get my drink and talking to the guy behind the counter for a few minutes about why bananas covered in nutella are probably the best munchie food out there, or accidentally making a wrong turn on the way home because my friend gave me the wrong directions home, If anything in the timeline of my life would of changed by 3 seconds I would probably be dead right now. Which in turn would set everything in this world into a different direction. I'm not saying I am more important than anyone else and if I died the whole world would change, I am simply stating the fact that what if ten years down the road, I'm in a Starbucks at 8:05 am and the guy in front of me drops his wallet, it takes 2 minutes for me to catch up to him, and return it to him and he spends another 26 seconds saying thank you and giving me a handshake, he gets to his car at 8:12 am. and then we go on with our day. Now lets say I was hit by that car, 10 years ago and I died, On that same day ten years later, the same guy is at Starbucks at 8:05 am, he gets to his car by 8:10 am not being stalled by me returning his wallet and is on his way to work. At 8:22 he is struck by a semi truck killing him instantly. If I hadn't died 10 years ago, I would of stalled him from reaching that intersection for another 2 minutes and 26 seconds which in turn would of saved his life.

Of course that is an extremely rough example. But it makes you think of everyone around you in such a different way, everything you do, from putting on your shoes, to reading these highdeas changes the timeline of events for everyone else. Kinda like everyones actions are like a water drops dropping into the collective pool called life. All your actions have a ripple effect that change the direction of other peoples ripple effects..

pretty crazy stuff. So I want to thank everyone else out there for being you, because without you, I would not be me. :)


Mon, 03/05/2012 - 11:26pm

The butterfly effect.
I consider this in my life every day, or attempt to consider it every day.
Then again, there's those choices where you think "what if this would have happened instead?"
Just imagine all the possibilities, in your situation it could have relatively been bad, but think of a good situation!
What would have happened?

Thu, 03/15/2012 - 4:37pm

its crazy to think about and hard to notice, but that kinda shit does happen all day every day