I'm stuck on the thought of our overwhelmingly lack of Free-Will. I will do my best to explain.

So everything that expanded outwards during the big bang, is and and always will be on the same path. Two galaxies colliding cannot avoid the collision, it is their fate. A star exploding at a given time will always have exploded at that time, it is the laws of nature just acting out. Planets orbiting cannot stop the orbit, cannot change, they have no will and the universe is inevitable. Everything that will happen must happen, because it's on the path and cannot change. Everything is a domino, an event leading to another event. BUT! .. Everyone who knows anything about the quantum world knows that consciousness is a very very interesting variable when it comes to probability in our universe.

So lets assume two galaxies are colliding. For simplicity purposes we'll call these galaxies two glass balls. They are moving towards eachother slowly, but if they hit they will crash and break. YOU are there to witness the collision. So despite the fact that these balls are going to collide, YOU can stop it. You have the ability to control this "inevitable universe." So there are two choices here. A. you stop the collision, B. you don't stop the collision. The situation (presented by the universe) only leaves you with two options. Well what put you in the situation to begin with? An event which led to another event which led you to this situation brought about by the universe. Okay...so, you didn't actually do anything to witness this event, it was fate, it was your path brought about by the laws of nature and your past events. But wait? The universe has its own path, and people have their own path, but it seems they don't necessarily run parallel, but moreso they crisscross. But if the universe can not possibly steer away from it's path, what makes humans think we're so important that we can control our path. Well I'll continue.
So you have the two decisions, to stop the colliding balls, to not stop the colliding balls. Your decision is brought about by years and years and years of experience, it is mostly a subconscious decision that your brain will calculate to decide what is the greatest possible decision based off past events. If you've enjoyed explosions your life, if you've been destructive, most likely you will let the balls collide. But aren't you, being the type of person to like destruction, brought about by things in the past that may have happened to you, or the people you hung out with? Where did you decide to meet these people who molded you into a way to where you would let these two balls collide. You didn't decide that these people would be in your life, the universal path of these people and you crisscrossed, to shape you into the person who would let these two balls collide. So even though you have the ability to alter the universal path of these two balls colliding, it's not even you making the decision. It is a decision brought about by events that have happened in your life. So a little summary:

The two galaxies (balls) colliding is inevitable for the universe, that cannot be refuted.
The only thing that can change the path of the universe is your decision to stop the balls, that cannot be refuted.
Your decision is brought about by past events, by your path, by your subconscious, by your experiences. That cannot be refuted.
Now....this is where the question arises. Was your decision already pre-determined, considering how you were barely in control? Considering that universe is what brought you to that situation in the first place, and what gave you control in the first place was the fact that the universe brought about the most perfect events to unfold so that you could be in that situation with that decision, brought about by past events. Or, is consciousness just so powerful that we literally have the ability to stop the inevitable fate of the universe. If the latter is true, then we create our reality, and we are the Gods of this universe.


Thu, 08/28/2014 - 1:11pm

I think about this every day of my life, you did an awesome job explaining it too. A+

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 6:28am
Bub1029 Says:

I think you just defined the difference between angels and humans. Angels are the planets, obeying the pull of the big bang: God, but from the same mold the angels were birthed from, humans were as well. Only angels have no free will, but humans do have free will.

But yeah, my answer to your question at the end is that humans developed the ability to have abstract thought. In that sense, we are greater than the celestial bodies because we choose for ourselves what to do. Natural Selection has driven us forward to be as survivalist as possible, but with abstract thought, we can develop outlooks that defy that and drive us to suicide. In this sense, natural selection is the will of the big bang, but as it's will continued, it created an alternative life with a comparable will to it's own. Now this force with a will of it's own is on a much larger scale than the big bang ever was as there are over 6 billion individual wills on Earth alone, but that's discounting any other planets that have intelligent life on them. I think the question is not whether or not we have free will, but what are we going to do as our own autonomous big bangs?

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:51am
bakayurei Says:

this might be miles away from a possible solution but maybe there's a threshold of complexity after which the universe is no longer fully deterministic but has free agents in it, yea i'm still limited in the choices i can possibly make by my past and my psychology but the choice is still mine to make because of my super complex brain