It's alarming
How Charming
I can be
With a sexy sense of
I spit venom
That brings girls to their knees
Through the bloodstream
A wet dream
Make you scream
And now your whole neighborhood knows my name
A lyrical assassin in love with the game
A spherical mass in the back of your brain
I'm Sadistic
and you love the pain
Simply Linguistic
Linguistically Simplistic
My flow is mystic
I'm twisted
Yeah I like some sick shit
Just need a quick fix
Neck covered in Lipstick
I burnt down your pleasant picnic
Just to watch the flames
Got Nothing to gain
All I can say is I'm insane


Wed, 08/21/2013 - 3:15am
AdamOest Says:

To be sane and smart-
to stay there is art.
We break down at sounds
of loud public farts,
but does that make us crazy?
I think that it's funny.
It's worse that we're lazy,
and glorify money.
nobody to care about average joe
'ignore your surroundings, let ignorance grow'
aforementioned attitudes always adhere
to wide crooked paths, while holding a beer.
If it's not your problem, why worry, why fret?
Because one day it will be, just not now.... not yet.