Preface: this is a long ass read here is the TL;DR version (too long didnt read): I'm going to build an underground base complete with everything I could ever ask for. This dosent do my highdea justice but if your too lazy to read this wall of text I understand

An underground maze in my backyard. Have you ever just looked out your window and imagined something? This is what I imagine, this is my dream. How I could ever accomplish it is beyond me. First I'd dig a hole 20 feet deep, lets pretend like its just dirt and no complications like sprinkler systems or Indian burial grounds. Then I would make a room out of that with 15 different doors, why 15 because FUCK you that's why. None of them will have a purpose because in the floor there is a trapdoor that leads to another room. I know what your thinking, "oh cornholio that's such a waste of time and resources". Yeah I get it, but hey I said this is my dream not your dream so shut up and let me continue. Anyways, past the trapdoor theres a room with 2 more doors, one leads to a bedroom (more like a rape dungeon actually) and the second leads to a library. Oh yeah you've probably guessed it, cliche book lever into my entertainment room. In this room we have a flatscreen, video games, refrigerators, glorious temperpedic couches, and batteries. Why batteries? Because that shit runs out in the most inconvient times ever. Oh and don't ask how I got electricity down there, I had to do some horrible things. Sure the platform heels and the batman costume were degrading but hey look who has a giant maze in their backyard, this guy. Now I would add a room with tons of weed plants but let us be honest, I don't want to take care of all those plants and I just don't have a good feeling about that. There is one door in my entertainment room, it leads to a room with a pool and a Jacuzzi, best part is the real authentic diving board, not that pussy shit foam board. It's so perfect that I genuinely cannot think of one more thing to add to it. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to experience what it like to be in my dream, it means more to me than you think.