I just saw this thing in the news about a drug that finally came to the united states from russia that has "horrifying effects" and "3x more addictive than heroin". So i click on the thing because it said there were two reported users in the united states. Only two in the whole country, two sightings of this russian drug. It just amazed me how many times there is that drug a day. Like imagine being one of those two fucking dudes, they're like "yeah my life is fucked up but fuck you bitches i'm the only person in america with this particular type of drug!!!" and then they do it. It's called krokodil because it makes peoples skin turn green before it rots away.

Anyway so i read the article and it said that it had graphic pictures. I thought hey man i can handle it right? No. No sir i cannot. This shit was terrifying. People's skin literally rotted off of their bones. Dont look at the pictures you will lose your high and possibly your lunch. It was the most disgusting shit i've ever seen, and i've seen a lot of disgusting shit on the internet. Do not mess with this shit.

What if this drug was created by the russian government and brought here specifically to cripple the us. Maybe im just paranoid but I dont know dude.

Smoke weed. Don't get into shit that makes your fucking skin rot off. Just smoke mary jane.

(also if the russian government did have something to do with this, can we start calling those officials krokodildos????)


Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:20pm
dollatwo Says:

No way!!! fuck man why did that have to find its way here?

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 5:14pm
bakayurei Says:

another reason why all recreational drugs should be made legal and i include heroin in this, not my cup of tea but people have the right to get their highs however they want, and they should be able to do it safely and not have to rely on 'alternatives'.. these aren't alternatives