Let me just start by saying, I love highdeas.com just the way it is! But I think if a few changes were made, the highdeas community would be even greater than it already is. So, here goes:
It would be so amazing if there was a separate part of the website where everyone had their own profile and had a friends list, somewhat like twitter. Where you can follow the people who's highdeas you liked.. No upvote or downvote, just like or comment if you want to. Of course we'd have to keep the whole original highdeas part, with the popular page and all because that's the greatest part of this website! That's where I read all your mind-blowing ideas, and I'd love to get to know those people whose minds work like mine. The way it is now makes it kind of difficult to get to know you guys. Let me know if this is something that sounds good!! xoxo


Thu, 10/09/2014 - 7:43pm
dlthejew Says:

I have to disagree when you say the popular part is the best part of the website.

The upcoming highdeas pages are my favorite part. There are so many awesome highdeas that will never get popular, but should still be read, because there's creativity and emotion bursting from almost every single one.

BUT, I LOVE the idea of a followers concept and a news feed a lot. There might even be a way to do that independently with RSS feeds or something.

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 4:17am

I feel ya, some of the upcoming ones are crap but i do stumble upon some really out-there, creative stuff sometimes!
and lets try and get this followers thing goin! also private message chats could use some work. along with a easier way to accept friend requests.