I visualize phsycadelic-like images in my head before I go to sleep. Like I be laying there in my room in complete darkness trying to go to sleep, I'm an insomniac (need my medical) like I was saying, eyes closed complete darkness, completely alone, no influnnce what so ever, I visualize these crazy ass physcadelic-like patterns, I never seen before nowhere, stuff coming from me, my brain, my original thoughts. I've never done a hallucinogen but I plan on doing some in this life. Also noticed if I'm high going to bed the visuals are enhanced and more vividly (in my head). I imagine these are the types of visuals I would see if I did acid or shrooms. It's like a little preview.


Wed, 10/24/2012 - 8:01pm
Honky_Kong Says:

Well in my experience with hallucinogens, you don't really see things that aren't there, it's more like distortions of reality. Everyday objects move in liquid ways, no pink elephants or crazy shit like that.

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 9:42pm

I don't know dude it's just when trying to go to sleep I try to (don't know how to say this) not think, um not visualize I don't know how to explain I try not think about nothing pure blackness. And deep into I see very vaguely faintly I see kaleidoscope/geometrical patterns repeating and flowing. Vice did a documentary on sensory deprivation tanks a while back, but not before I made this highdea, you should look it up on youtube. I'm guessing what I'm experiencing, is something a little close very very mild to what they're experiencing in the sensory deprivation tanks. But seriously dude check it out the vice doc