upvote if you get a's, or b's in school

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Fri, 05/24/2013 - 2:26am


Thu, 03/14/2013 - 6:11am
tipz Says:

Superstars need to look great every bit of the time, if it is a matter of attire and also hairdos. Normal individuals want to duplicate haircuts of extremely popular individual. long hair styles Along these lines, VIPs need to be more mindful regarding their hairdos.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 1:02am
basedkevin Says:

How does a short hair cut show any form of intelligence? Appearance will never tell you who someone is, and those who think there are VIPs because of their appearance should break their silly illusion before it negatively affects their life

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 6:25pm
Gizmodo Says:

How about instead of telling us you get A's or B's, write highdeas that show off your 'intelligence' instead of wasting my time

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 9:13pm
TittySpit Says:

My whole life i have gotten X's. they are beyond a's and a+'s. X shows absolute pure perfection.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 2:50am
StupidName Says:

Dude... I would say that this is not a Highdea but seeing that over and over again gets bothersome, so I'll just say: Grades do not show intelligence, they show how much you do your assignments. Also having good grades and smoking weed doesn't mean you're "good". I knew this kid that got straight A's and he smoked, but he was a total fucking goochpouch.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 3:23am
AdamOest Says:


that alone is a better highdea than the above.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 9:04am
TheSabit Says:

i agree.. grades show whose willing to dedicate themselves to bullshit. I have decent grades but i do shit to earn them. Unlike so many kids I see taking practice courses and shit for ACT/SAT and im like damn. that's stupid as fuck. whoever studies the hardest and memorizes the most garbage is labeled as inteligent in this country. instead of independent critical thinkers that our school system works so hard to destroy

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 10:50am
pebbles Says:

Seems like a great way to justify your apathy... It's the school systems fault... Hard workers are needed in any field, if you can study hard and memorize a bunch of useless shit for the SAT then that shows you have the discipline to make it far in this modern world, no matter what field you go into. Its one thing if you don't work hard at school but give your all to something else (besides smoking weed), but if you don't give your hardest work for anything then you're just another lazy stoner blaming everybody else for your own problems

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 2:28am

Absolutely dying. Goochpooch is my new favorite word. What in the hell does that even mean? hahahahah

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 8:36pm
StupidName Says:

It's a small incision on the gooch. Stitched on both sides, creating a type of pocket or "pouch". I keep quarters in my GP.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 3:13am
Yodog Says:

Got a 32 on my act, get to go to the college that I wanted to get into. Fuck the stereotype :)

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 3:55am

Someone's salty 'bout something. That's a whole lot of assumptions there, buddy.

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:04am

well someone got probed a few times last night...

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 10:05am
samuejos Says:

exactly, i have a 3.5 at a top university and i smoked weed everyday there. this isn't to toot my own horn, but it's just an example of how you can succeed and still have marijuana play a role in your life, as long as you don't let it consume you.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 2:26pm

Excellent point, as long as you weren't going to clean you room but then you got high, you're doing okay XP

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 1:21pm

straight f's all through school car wreck= fail freshman year at high school said fuck that dropped out went to college perfect attendance+ deans list only reason wasn't 4.0 cause of B in jet propulsion theory started smoking after my 4th 6weeks cause electrical systems instructor was and A grade class 1 asshole didn't know how to teach either 1/3rd class failed but I taught myself

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:37pm
Stags Says:
Sun, 05/26/2013 - 12:47am

conisdering you can't even formulate a valid sentence, i'm calling bullshit.

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 2:24pm

Yeah I'm only 21 and an assistant store manager where I work full time while taking online courses to further my life. I take care of myself and my apartment is well kept. I wake and bake before work almost every morning and just do an great job. I work in customer service and am the only person who comes in with this upbeat attitude. Everyone else is all grumpy and stuff, I come in like "good morning world!".

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 6:59pm
Wyatt-Herb Says:

yea dude im still in high school i smoke weed all the time and im a genius. i get invited to go around the world and shit cuz of my work ethic

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 11:45pm
johnppp167 Says:

adderall for A's ...weed cause lifes too weird .. the perfect balance :)

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 12:40am
LGT22 Says:

does occasionally count? I upvoted anyways. haha

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 12:44am
WEEDsX21 Says:

my grades are always better when I smoke and take vyvanse. deff see like a drastic change. study high take test high= high achievement

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 2:37am
Chiefuh Says:

Bitch, please. There is no such thing as a good stoner. If anything, upvote if you're a creative stoner. Anybody can learn how to read a book, or solve an equation. Look over the system.

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 10:53am
pebbles Says:

just sayin, smoking a lot of weed and not working hard in school doesn't necessarily mean you're a "starving artist misunderstood by modern society." you cud just be lazy

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 3:57am

I won't upvote because whether I'm doing life correctly or not is not determined solely by my grades.

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 7:02am

i was too busy smoking and selling weed to study

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:13am

i dropped out around kindergarten and joined the bloods. little by little, the bloods and i started holding classes. Eventually we became a private college, (like wesleyan). our campus was in Bel Air, oddly close to the fresh princes house by the way. Our college won countless prestigious and academic awards. Then all of a sudden we remembered that we were a gang that killed people and sold drugs and just started doing that again. DOWN WITH THE CRIPS.

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 1:18pm

No I'm sorry I fail every class every time

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 12:38am
DEUSS22 Says:

Just got straight A's for like the 30th time in my life!

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 4:36am

I Got C's and D's through high school and didn't go to college but I have a sweet job. YA'll are chumps haha

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 8:08pm
Laufeyson Says:

My grades this year have been the best I've ever had. They have been steadily improving after I started smoking daily. They're not connected though. I just decided that I wanted to go to college around the same time as when I started smoking a lot.

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 3:29pm

Way to misuse a comma on that one, dude.

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 7:30pm

I smoke everyday and I have a 3.8, i feel good sometimes cuz i think i make people like me feel less bad for smoking. Fuck stereotypes

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 2:31am

Vyvanse by day. Weed by night. Perfect balance.

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 1:47am

I'm valedictorian at my high school. Score one for the stoners!

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 1:00pm

that's my philosophy anyway.