ok really there isn't a secret, but if everybody did this
1) more people would have their good highdeas published
2) we would get a greater variety of highdeas on the popular page
3) there would be a much better good/bad highdea ratio

so this is what i do with my highdeas...

1) write down your highdea somewhere else first before you post it. give it a few hours and read it again before click 'submit'. a lot of the time, i find my wording makes the highdea confusing, or it just sucks in general

2) don't post thousands of goddamn highdeas a day. if you really think you have like 10 great highdeas in the course of a day or 2, put them all in one highdea. people like reading those more than they like reading one at a time

3) read your friends highdeas and upvote the ones you think are ACTUALLY good (if i see somebody has upvoted every single highdea on my first page, i know they didn't read all of them because i write stupid shit all the time. i tend to have a smaller chance of checking out their highdeas if they didn't take the time to read mine.) the more friends you do this to, the better the chance you have at someone returning the favor. this works really well if you follow number 2. more people read the same highdea.

4) be active and comment on highdeas. if somebody has a comment i really enjoyed/agree with, I'm going to check out what else they have to say

5) go to the upcoming page! people there are so ecstatic when you upvote their highdeas. i once had somebody upvote every one of my highdeas because i was the only one who got his Fear and Loathing quote.

finally...dont do what i said just for the upvotes (ironic right?) I mean at first that probably will be the exact reason why...but it really is a much better website when you get involved and do shit on here because you enjoy it, not because you want to see a little green next to your highdea. if everyone did this, we could have our old highdeas back!

and here's my highdea...you know those garbage bins that have the foot pedal that opens up the lid when your hands are full of trash? lets put one of those on doors so that when you walk in with a hand full of groceries, you can just hit the foot pedal, hip check the door, and continue with your business. it also should have a device that you attach to your house key so that it only works when the key is like 5 feet from the pedal so people don't just walk into your house.

ok I'm done ranting

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Thu, 01/05/2012 - 7:38pm


Sat, 12/24/2011 - 8:14pm
smokeyfish Says:

i suppose people is gona be people, you c this kinda shit happen everywhere, i used to go to this skate park when i was a kid. we called it p.i.s.s (pompano indoor skate shop) and the spot was dope cuz it was the only place in town where you could skate with out a waver from your parents/smoke/drink/whatever. wasn't to long that the spot started gettin more heads commin thru for new shit like live bands, pro skaters doin demos graffiti artists, and then kids started getting in "gang fights" gettin roped for drugs and shit, and it got to the point where all this shit was going on and eventualy they just couldent keep the place open.
Point is john.... nothing good is indefinite.. but fuck it man, personally im gona ride this shit out cuz even if i only get to read one good post a day, that would still make my day that much better

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 8:02pm

That example couldn't have been better. I haven't gone on here in a while cuz I didn't have internet but it makes me sad how it died so quickly to me and it's not fair to anyone that it got ruined and I don't have the ability to read constant highDEAS to make my days better. But imma be more productive in it again :) SWED

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 1:57am

Totally agree. All good things come to an eventual end.

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 6:06pm

There is a little foot pedal on the walk-in-freezer at work. :D
And you're right,too man, i just don't think my highdeas are great though

Mon, 12/26/2011 - 12:54am
But....why Says:

I've noticed it's like a party. You first get there and just make small talk and little jokes. Then you share stories and politics and such, then after you've heard all the stories and jokes you start to have some real conversations. Think of your last deep ass convo at a party...it was near the end right? There's just too many people coming and going at this party we call highdeas that it's in a constant state of beginning and end. You can either race around the party talking to everyone or find some chill people and get into some deep shit.

Mon, 12/26/2011 - 1:27am

This is a perfect comparison. Couldn't have said it better.

Fri, 12/30/2011 - 11:48pm
tyloess Says:

i like the idea! they need to put those things on public toilet seats too

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:47pm

They should have them on ALL toilet seats, that way after a guy uses the toilet and steps off the pedal the seat can automatically fall down and chicks won't have a reason to yell about it anymore. My brother left it up... it was dark... and i fell in =____= it was horrible.

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 3:52pm
Toke4Truth Says:

Hempaholic, I agree with a lot of what you said. However, I am a senior in high school and I do not abuse herb like a drug. Honestly, I cannot even see the connection of those two words. Sure, the kids who are using it to get "stupid high" aren't posting in depth and creative thoughts, but we all were once there. I remember when I first started smoking the herb, it was so overwhelming at first that you really almost do not know what to do. You just let it take your mind where it pleases and enjoy the ride. You see, these kids are in the stage of adapting to the way of the herb. Eventually, a lot of them will grow to post many spectacular ideas on this website! Maybe some will just never change and they will always be looking for that escape, but they will eventually learn that herb is not something you can use to escape. "When you smoke the herb it reveals yourself to you" - Bob Marley. I strongly agree with this quote, herb awakens you to the reality you could not see with your closed mind. If you are smoking herb to escape your problems, you are contradicting yourself! When you smoke herb you are able to think in a completely different way and evaluate yourself with truth. You cannot lie to yourself, man. I have had many durastic realizations about myself and my life while I was high, it almost seemed to be instant knowledge. I didn't have to think about it, I just knew. My main point is, yes kids are getting "stupid high" and they are not using the herb to its fullest potential... but that does not mean that they wont...they just need people like us to guide them and teach them the beautiful things that herb has to offer. They are going the right direction, they just took a little detour. We just have to take their hand and walk them a little further.


Thu, 01/05/2012 - 7:46am
ando Says:

I HATE READING WHEN IM HIGH why ya got to make me read bro

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 8:01am
Gizmodo Says:

Why are you on highdeas then? It's that kinda like putting yourself in a bad situation?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:13am

facepalm...Ya know, I can't stand cold weather...I think i'll move to Alaska

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 7:31pm
dimples Says:

.... Id call you a cunt, but you lack both warmth and depth.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:26am

Also don't be afraid to downvote/explain why a highdea shouldn't be popular. Don't feel like a dick, all you're doing is speaking your mind. If you want to translate that to success, people take notice of people who speak truth rather than ego strokers. If I see a shitty highdea and a bunch of comments praising it, then one guy pointing out how dumb it is, I'm def checkin out that guy's stuff. That could backfire though if you talk shit and don't have the highdeas to back it up. (when you venture deep into the popular upcoming (16-17 votes) please downvote dumb ones before the fucktards that upvote pure shit see them)

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 2:14pm

I almost lost hope for this community when that "Light bulb blows" highdea made it to the popular section.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 7:38pm
StupidName Says:

Ya know. I downvote shitty highdeas that are copied or just not even ideas in the first place. And I really like the deep exploring of the high mind and I love reading the awesome original highdeas. And I'm willing to admit it, I have alot of retarded highdeas because when I joined I would make stupid ones like the ones we see all the time. But it's kinda gotten to where I don't post highdeas unless they are absolutely new and original. I wish all of the highdea noobs would convert into a true highdea poster such as (from what I've seen) people like: AGATESTONED, Hempaholic, Bong_Appetit, and Yoinkie. But yeah, I really wish I could delete my "highdeas" that aren't even ideas at all. But I've stopped making them so that's a start right?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 8:01pm

I had the idea of finally writing down all of my ideas literally days... Two of them... Before I found this site.
I was fried.
My second Highdea was that my first Highdea was to, basicly, mimic Highdea without knowing the whole mindblowing society.
I'm sorry for myself, shoulda discovered this site ages ago...

Too bad there isn't a section where you can post more visual-based ideas or designs, with the possibillity of visual support that some highdeas could use.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:14pm

I just think you take this website entirely too serious. Strictly my opinion though..

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:35pm
Gizmodo Says:

i think you think i take it more seriously than i actually do. i just want to be entertained and not have to read the same shit over and over again. and you'd do the same if this was the only place your voice was heard by hundreds of people who actually listen

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 9:19am

Touche. This isn't the only place my voice is heard. Of course its not heard by hundreds of people, id rather have a legit intelligent conversation with someone face to face. I think my highdeas aren't upvoted because I have 2 friends. Which I could careless if they get upvoted. I use this site to laugh, whether its a highdea or a lame joke. I get what you're saying guy. Just do you. That's the best thing we can do in life.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:36pm

Maybe you don't take it serious enough?
I'd really like to come on this website and have an intelligent talk with anyone at all. I don't care who you are but if your willing to speak to me, I'll Definitly speak back. I can't have an actual conversation with 95% of the people in my school(I'm a senior in high school and i take PSEO) I feel alone anywhere I go here. My girlfriend and friend Seth are really the only people who engage in a conversation with me and it's not about dicks or vaginas. I come on here so I can actually talk to people. But whats the point of talking if nobody is ganna listen?

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 9:25am

My reply to the other guy was directed to you as well. But I also wanna say really? I dont take it seriously enough? Come on man! That's like worrying about your Facebook status getting likes! If you're worried about petty shit like that you gotta get an actual hobby. Not trying to be mean at all, just sayin...

Sun, 01/08/2012 - 12:45am