What if trees transformeed into giant mushrooms and little gnome men lived in them! They would have a dope ass house in the mushroom where we could just kick back and chill! That'd be soooo sick.

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Mon, 05/07/2012 - 10:43pm


Wed, 03/21/2012 - 1:52am

Hmmm I wonder if you're high lol :D. Ow my shoulder hurts D:

Wed, 03/21/2012 - 2:06am
Wed, 03/21/2012 - 2:20am
Wed, 03/21/2012 - 11:03am
Sun, 03/25/2012 - 12:47am

im on shrooms and youre blowing my mind

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 9:40pm

hahhaha.... quite the compliment
funniest comment i've read in a while too xD
what if there was a drug that turned trees into exactly what you described?
i bet some day when chemists and neurologists are super smart we can make drugs simulate any reality. it would be even better than video games because it's a drug trip where anything can happen, and it's like you're experiencing it with your spirit instead of your body... you literally lose your body and your knowledge of your bodies reality while you're on drugs. it simply fades away, your ego fades away, you become a higher consciousness...

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 3:27pm
Baked_Lays Says:
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WeedNSyrup Says:
Thu, 05/31/2012 - 8:21pm

Omg Disneyland high is the coolest thing :O

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 11:41pm

did you buy chance eat any mushrooms before posting this? ;) hahaha

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 11:47pm

Haha believe it or not I was just really high!

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 1:19am
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:58pm
MYhugeWang Says:

Are the little gnome men blue? We could call them smurfs!

Fri, 08/10/2012 - 8:18pm

It's the smurfs meet the Keebler elves they'd make some great munchies too haha

Sun, 08/12/2012 - 1:28am