This is my very long experience with weed induced panic attacks and how I overcame it.

Basically, I had this big pot head friend and I had only been smoking off and on for a year. I was a lightweight at the time, I could take 1 hit and be blazed off my ass. Her and I walked to the park to get high. We each got our own blunt of chronic (I didn't know it, at the time) so needless to say it was the highest I'd ever been before. We started smoking and I finished my blunt in about 5 minutes. I was feeling pretty goofy and we decided to call my friend. We were laughing and having a good time when all of the sudden, shit started to slow down. I got this low roaring in my head that was like thunder. My heart was beating fast and all I could think about was "What the fuck is going on?" I had never experienced anything like it. I guess I immediately stopped talking because the girl I was with hung up the phone and was like, "What's wrong?"

My brain immediately went to the thought of "This shit was laced" and as soon as I thought of that my brain would just not let go of the thought. I asked her and she said it wasn't. I told her I was feeling funny and she said we just needed to take a walk. As we were walking I was looking in front of me and in the corner of my eye she turned into a cartoony version of me. Everything was very bright and bobbing around. It would have been cool if I wasn't thinking I was hallucinating.

The feeling was the most bizarre thing, I'll never forget it. Do you know the feeling when you get nervous about, say, having to do a speech in front of the class or something and you get that little pang in your stomach? I kept getting those pangs only they were really intense and they kept getting worse and worse. I kept thinking "This feeling can't get any worse" but it would, every second that ticked by I became more terrified. I thought I was going to go crazy.

To make matters worse, as we were in the park the sky began to change and it started storming very badly (I wasn't hallucinating, a tornado went through my town) it was literally pouring rain and we had to run back to her house. At that point I felt as if I were watching a movie. Halfway to her house, a neighbor of her drove by and offered to give us a ride the rest of the way. We got in the car and I told my friend I thought I was having a heart attack. I asked the neighbor to take me to the hospital but my friend told him I was afraid of storms and that I'd be okay. I still felt as if I were watching a movie of what was going on and at that point I felt like if I didn't help myself i was going to die. Even then as the seconds ticked by I was getting scarder and scarder.

We made it to her house and she took me into the bathroom where she gave me some dry clothes and tried to calm me down. I remember feeling my heart beat fast and thinking it was going to literally beat of out my chest. I told her to call 911 and in attempts to calm me down she pretended to call 911 (I didn't know it at the time.) She told me that the ambulance would take 30 minutes because of the storm, hoping that I would calm down by then. I was still panicking and she had me lay down in her bed. At this point I was 100% completely convinced I was going to die. It was the scariest feeling. I remember thinking that I was never going to come out of this and that I was going to go so crazy that I'd try to kill myself. I took my cellphone and tried to call my mom but my friend said she'd do it for me. She pretended to call my mom but when I asked if I could talk to her she told me she couldn't talk because her cellphone was about to die. Immediately I knew she was lying because my mom didn't have minutes on her phone. From that point I thought she was trying to kill me.

I guess from all the stress I ended up running to the bathroom and vomiting. When I layed back down my friend brought me a glass of water. The water tasted sweet because I had just puked and I freaked out and asked her what was in it. Finally I called my boyfriend and ask him to pick me up. At one point I was telling my friend my will for when I died. My boyfriend and his brother picked me up and his big brother was able to talk me down from my panic attack saying that he had a similar experience and he didn't die from it, and if it was laced then my friend would have been freaking out too but she wasn't. It made me feel a teeny bit better. I had him take me home and I explained what had happened to my parents. I was still very high and they were very cool about what happened. I didn't get in any trouble because I was honest with them. At that point I had completely calmed down. My boyfriend was at my house and we just hung out the rest of the night.

There's my long story of my panic attack on weed. Here's how I got over having other panic attacks.

Still to this day I sometimes feel a panic attack coming on but I just have to remember that I did not die or go crazy, and it was just all in my head. I try to focus on something else and try to get out of my head. Playing video games really helps because it takes your focus else where. I also never smoke in uncomfortable situations. I try not to smoke too much at one time because I don't like the feeling of being out of control.

I hope this helped anyone who was having this problem!