I've discovered the answers to consciousness, the universe, and life; but my linguistic skills aren't acute enough to relay it to others. People think I'm just some nut because I'm forced to use vague terms to describe that which hasn't been defined before. I'm stuck with it, alone and frustrated.


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long_live Says:

I'd love to hear you give it a go. Love a good philosophical debate lol

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 3:06pm

My theory:
Since Fractals are space filling curves it follows that a space can be mathematically described using an infinitely detailed fractal. Fractals have the characteristic of being self repeating at all points (no matter how you divide a fractal the logic that governs it's formation is always the same and therefore the entire geometric object is retained within).
I think the universe is a fractal based on the Fibonacci sequence, and it's vibrating. All vibrations that match resonant frequencies (vibrations that take on fractaled geometry in phase with the universal fractal) will have a lower entropy and will therefore be naturally selected for over time; this is why the Fibonacci sequence is so prevalent. In a way, vibrations evolve though the natural selection of resonating frequencies. These resonating frequencies also have the ability to bond together because they share the same basic geometry and can therefore constructively overlap to lock in place.

When these resonant frequencies interact with one another they tend to bond together because their peaks and troughs are in phase with the greater universe and thus in phase with one another. Places where these vibrations intersect have a greater amplitude, resulting in higher peaks and lower troughs. We see these peaks as areas of high energy density and call them particles. The troughs are areas of low energy density and we call them bonds. Particles are just the interaction zones of waves. When these resonant structures are broken apart the peak will momentarily align with a trough and then a peak and then a trough and then it's finally free, the vibration that is caused by this oscillation is observed as a photon (this is why breaking bonds releases energy in the form of a photon.

This is where words fail me, the following will most likely make no sense.

There are two types of energy. Potential and Kinetic. Potential energy is energy without time (perceived as force fields), and Kinetic energy is energy over time (perceived as motion). A good representation of this is how the electromagnetic fore can manifest as magnetism (a force field), or electricity (a moving charge). To change potential energy into kinetic energy requires the addition of a time vector. The implication of this is that time is an emergent property. But what exactly is time? How do you add time? I think the answer has to do with consciousness.

Consciousness is in the exchanges or interactions of vibrations. When vibrations interact they change amplitude, and it is my interpretation that the amplitude is a measure of the extension of a wave into the time dimension. The greater the amplitude the more it extends into the time dimension. A resonant frequency is a push pull motion though time resulting in no net time. If a resonant vibration moves though the third dimension it will interact with time in a linear/non-repeating fashion. It is my belief that consciousness is the manifestation of this interaction. More movement of a resonant frequency in the third dimension results in more resistance in the time dimension. This is observed as special relativity where a higher rate of motion (of a particle with mass/resonance) results in more time resistance in that space. Photons are vibrations that are't resonant; therefore they can't change amplitude and they will always have a constant interaction with the time dimension (we see this as the speed of light constant).

Consciousness is the link from one moment in time to the next (I believe personal experience justifies this claim). It is analogous to a spark of electricity jumping across a gap once enough voltage builds up. When time is distorted by the third dimension there become areas of high time density and low time density, creating a potential. Consciousness it the spark that jumps across that potential, connecting one point in time with another through the interactions with the third dimension.

Just a thought