I wish I could forget all of the movies Adam Sandler was in so that I could watch them again as if I was watching them for the first time.


Tue, 04/17/2012 - 4:28pm
Tue, 04/17/2012 - 7:30pm
yoinkie Says:

YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Airheads, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The wedding singer, THE WATERRRRRBOOOYYY, Anger Management(sorta), 50 first dates, and you dont mess with the Zohan are ALL comedic Gold. Happy Gilmore, madison and Waterboy are in my top 10 fav comedies ever. Yes, the rest of his movies, and almost all of his new ones are terrible, but thats still an impressive list of movies. The 90's were his.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 7:44am
81st Says:

Mr. Deeds was the first movie that made me laugh so hard, I farted.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 9:07am
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 12:37pm

You forgot Big Daddy!!! His new stuff IS shit though.

Wed, 04/25/2012 - 4:35pm

Don't tell anyone else, but I agree with you.

Tue, 04/17/2012 - 7:31pm
RickyRedz Says:
Tue, 04/17/2012 - 7:35pm
SoClose Says:

I wish I could forget the matrix and fight club.

Go ahead, now that you've matured, imagine watching the matrix totally stoned.for the first time.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 12:07am

Amen to that. Two of the best movies, would love to see them for the first time all over again. Watched them at like 11 or 12, a little too young to fully comprehend. An being high the first time you see them would be awesome.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:46am
TrippyD Says:

What about pineapple express, blow, and half baked.

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 11:07am

Great movies. I'm up for some Forrest gump and ferris beuhlers day off. Classics

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 1:40pm
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 11:35am

then again, theres plenty movies we'd all rather forget

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 2:14pm
Littleman Says:
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 3:55pm
MikeSyk Says:

I wish I could forget all of the movies Adam Sandler was in so that I could get that time back.
I will never, EVER, get that wasted time back.
I feel physically angry just thinking about "Jack & Jill"

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 4:38pm

You might be thinking of Jim carrey. But two Adam sander movies I could forget forever are Spanglish and Funny people. Not funny all.

Thu, 04/19/2012 - 8:21am
420_bloozy Says:

thats sounds like a plot of a adam sandler movie