It seems many of the force inside and outside the work force is experiencing some sort of break or effected charge into their emotional state due to the unrest in the world. Even if ignoring the problem there is still effect held over from unrest which seems to cause physiological issues and communication issues inside workforce areas and out. From my personal accounts I have noticed more aggravation inside a work place cause by what seems like mood swings and up an down. This demographic of people was high likely hood of containing COVID-19 and may be the physical after effects of the virus itself or, a second possibility could be mixture of both options, or physiological unrest at personal level due to mass world event effect of ones life. This has made areas of work specifically more hostile and trapping feeling with every day being 'uncertain'.

People on the outside workforce seem to be over stimulating or lack of according to where their demographic is from and how (america based). Some neighborhoods in lock down still and extra steps to combat the virus and others not in order, or a neutral stand point with both parties living and half dabbling into both sides of beliefs. Peoples from rural or mountains regions tend to be spending more time outdoors or trying to find constant sense of stimulation or purpose to expend the human mind passing time (out of work persons). Urban areas tends to be locked down and a reminder of current state of the pandemic and other unrest reasons. Many from cities have left, gone into rural america. Those with out current unemployment seem to live a divided life, between over stimulation and under stimulation.