So, a couple of days ago, i hot boxed my closet for like two hours with my bros. Feelin' pretty good when we hear a sound *Prrrrrrrrrrr* *Prrrrrrrr* We were like wtf? I look down, and my cat jumped up into my lap...but my mind didn't really register that he'd been in there the whole time, so I ask "who the fuck opened the door and let him in?" They just looked at me and said "no one dude...your cat has been in this closet like a ninja for the past 2 hours, tokin up with us" I looked down at my cat and he was high as a fuckin kite! XD He was purrin so loud....he just started lickin' my arms. So ever since then ANY time I go to the closet my stoner cat follows me in there....Have any of ya'll gotten your pets high accidentally....or purposefully?


Mon, 10/24/2011 - 2:14pm
Caseymae Says: