So what if every time time a dog goes crazy and runs off, us simple minded humans assuming they've found a small rodent scared shitless or a car to chase, they had actually caught a subsonic sound wave, alerting them of an evil super villains presence. The dogs are part of a super secret society, committed to riding the world of evil forces. The dogs rush off, trying to track and catch the villains, but are hindered by our siren-like voices, luring them back.they become so close to catching a villain, cornering him in or under some object. But at this point, the clueless human either runs up and restrains the dog, or ensnares it with its seductive voice, and prevents the dog from catching the great and power evil sorcerer or warlord. The evil villain makes the illusion of a small animal, car, helpless child, or other distraction, so the human master continues to think of them as dumb or primal or silly. Wow.