A physiological method to over take a civilization, local government or federal, and split small groups or large groups of people against each other through sides of separations and the illusion of each side chosen as victim to the other side. The illusion will gain so much will power eventually power will arise and tensions may cause clash or heavy reform or installation of new government. While both sides are attacking one another in various ways it may become easier to pass laws or host control movements on population to overtake a government or group of peoples.

The conspiracy part (hypothetical report):
Some peoples and groups currently believe a system of power and have a secret alliance between political parties may be fueling a power surge for stronger government and control, or that the parties are fighting for power struggle so bad that it caused a division in people as well. If anything of this is true it could cause major splits in peoples, high volumes of unrest, large loss of information and eschewed data, and a possible distraction.