It comes through in waves, flowing in and out of my scope of vision and comprehension. As I try to grasp the reality of what is and what isn’t, the next wave hits me. Before I can process what had just happened, in an instant I am overwhelmed with an explosion of information and colors. The visuals filled my head and the room around me. It felt like I had lived it all before; I was watching the entire spectrum of my past lives- being played out before my eyes- like a movie reel, moving at a million shots per second. From starting life as a bee pollinating life, to a King trying to protect my kingdom. It was too much to take-in to feel any emotion other than shock and awe. All I could do is sit there and let it happen. As I felt my legs begin to disappear, I sunk into the couch; Realizing I was the true meaning of the word “couch potato”. I chuckled as I saw myself; I was living and being everything that ever was.