So I was recently driving from Iowa to Colorado, and I was thinking of ways to save gas. As I was driving I noticed wind-turbines by the hundreds, lining the road. I thought to myself, why couldn't they take wind energy, and apply it to cars? So I thought of the following idea:
Install 4 little fans in the front of the car (make them and the wind tunnels face the road, like headlights), insert them into little wind tunnel-like things, and hook them up to a battery. When the car goes forward, the air is pushed down the wind tunnels and makes the fans spin. This spinning motion creates energy that can be saved into the battery and used to help power the vehicle! Saves gas and money! Get to it GMC.

p.s. all rights reserved for this idea because I'm gonna make millions off it. ;)


Sat, 09/29/2012 - 3:00pm
bakayurei Says:

these already exist hahaha .. there are a few people working on them, some with fans in the front of the car that drag air in to them as the car runs, some with fans high up above the body of the car.. design a more efficient one than the existing ones tho and you'll make your millions