Biased, I used to think of the word "it" as defined: male or female. I realized that they deserved a class all of their own. It should be it's own gender, a third+ gender. Of course, on this world, we think of it as a cross of the both. I'm thinking a new, different, gender with unknown capabilities, strengths and whatnot. Imagine the confusion when coming up a name for it?
:"Male, Female.. for the third du (a variation of dude or dudette) ummmm, Igale? Erale? or good ol' Fale?

That will be the day when the chromosomes of the three genders are XX, XY and XYZ but then wouldn't it look like us?

What if the chromsomes in other alien species are W4 or TD?


Sun, 11/10/2013 - 4:04am
Twitler Says:

I'm not trying to dick ride but i'm on a spree of reading your highdeas. I like them a lot to be honest