effectuates general malice. And that is a major reason why the internet is a dangerous place.


Thu, 10/17/2013 - 3:09pm
bakayurei Says:

exactly, people think that because nobody knows who they are then there won't be any consequences for their actions, and this way of thinking's turning everyone into an arsehole.. i think there's a david wong article on the cracked web site that says the same thing, i'll give you the link if i can find it

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 5:25pm
AdamOest Says:

If you can find it, I would love that! I found the little phrase "anonymity effectuates malice" in my anthropology notes and I had been smoking a lot of hash the class before, so I had apparently just scribbled that high thought onto my paper haha. I sat and thought about it for a long time while I was on my computer, and it connects so much to why the internet is one of the worst places ever to have social interactions on.

The internet is one of few places where you can literally say anything you want to any person available to message and you can do so with complete anonymity (not to the NSA of course, but you know what I mean). Even yelling something at a stranger and running away, you would still leave a voice to recognize. All you need to show on the internet is your message and a username, which can be so easily fabricated it may as well just be assumed that you aren't dealing with who you think you are. This is one of the biggest things that inspires "trolls" (people who purposely comment on things to elicit negative reactions out of other people) and other people who just say things to make other people angry or to start arguments. It brings out the worst in human nature from those people who think that making fun of people you don't know and getting them upset is 'fun'. The internet also brings you together with so MANY people from so many other places, you couldn't possibly be thinking you'll ever meet any of them. If you never have to meet someone, who cares if you make them angry, right? They don't have any chance to get back at you, except maybe over the internet (which really shouldn't be a problem for people, ignoring things is such an easy solution).

This also extends much further though, and there was a reason I scribbled it down during anthropology, I am now remembering it as I write this which is cool: The lecture was about small kin groups at the band level, bands within a tribe who forage for food, where most members are related to each other and know exactly how they are related, as it consists of mostly immediate family. They would mediate their troubles and keep peace solely through gossip and bad-talking people who acted out of line; i.e. if someone was bossy or arrogant, the others would scold them and look down on them. This person would then be bringing shame upon their family, which was one of the worst thing you could possibly do. Because they know these people so well and care about their opinion and redeeming the family, the arrogant or bossy person would change their ways to avoid ridicule or in extreme cases, exile. They whole band needs to be cohesive in order to maintain their way of life, so they have no choice but to get along.

As societies grow bigger, you don't have the same relationships with the people around you. Some of us in todays world don't even know our next-door neighbors, hell I barely know the guy that lived across the street from me who had been there for all of the 13 years I was. I know he's a mechanical engineer, and collects nice cars, but that's pretty much it. We don't depend on other people around us, we even have the mentality instilled in us that we should "make it on our own." This sounds like a good concept that would lead to a strong, independent person, but what does this really lead to besides lust, greed, and trying to get ahead of the competition though all means available? I know some people still act ethically and feel a moral obligation to their fellow man, but it seems that a majority do not care. Most people will be quick to put another person in a worse life position in order to advance their own. This holds true more often in situations where the aggressor does not know the person they are harming, and does not have to deal with any consequences from causing them detriment.

This also factors into how we do business, and why so many corporations operate in other countries. Numerous companies are outsourcing their labor to places that allow horridly unsafe working conditions just to save on their labor costs, but I bet that for some people it would be a different story if they personally knew every single woman and child that was slowly killing themselves in the factory manufacturing their goods.

The bigger the world gets, the less we connect with other people, the more evil we will find around us.

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 12:24pm
bakayurei Says:

brilliant, that's taken it much further than what you started out with.. yea i'd agree with probably all of that way of thinking about it, it took me years to understand the value of conformity, tho it's only when you understand why we need to conform that it's worth anything, otherwise it's like voodoo compared with science, and even now it seems like a weird idea because (ironically enough) i've been brought up in a society that values individualism over conformity .. and i couldn't find the article i mentioned, don't think it even exists haha i think it was something on some other web site or in a newspaper or something that i read and it reminded me of wong's writing.. but here are some other articles of his that are fairly relevant



and yea.. when i think about my generation compared with my parents' generation, they have loads of arseholes among them but even in the 30-something year olds i know there are loads more of them.. and you can see the same difference when you compare people who come from cities to people who come from small towns or little ghetto areas of a city, wherever there's a greater sense of community there are much nicer people who understand that their actions have consequences and all of that

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 5:29pm
AdamOest Says:

I apologize if I over-explained anything that's obvious to you, I was thinking about sharing this in other places as well when I wrote it haha

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 12:10pm
bakayurei Says:

no, by all means, i'm always interested in seeing how other people think and how they understand things and what dots they connect

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 10:54am

Its a dangerous place because sometimes people try to touch your butthole