1.I want to start a leaf raking business in my my neighborhood and every night I'll sneak into my neighbors yards and shake their trees, I'll be rich

2.I talk to myself alot only I do it inside my head, am I crazy?

3.Sociologists think everyone is connected through at the most 6 degrees of separation. That means you and me know eachother through no more then 6 people (for example your friends friends cousin is my neighbor)

4.Playing guitar high is incredible

5. Building on number three, that's why all ghost stories start off I know this guy who knows this guy who... They can get most of the planet like that

C. I make my own rules

6. Isn't math weird, why does it always work out so perfectly, I mean we're just fucking with random symbols we've given meaning to...

12. I saw a poster and it said "only the educated are free" I thought "only the stupid would say that, no one is free"

9. I'm going to make a highDEAs hall of fame comment who you think should be on it, only one catch you can't comment yourself and I pick the winners, so two catches

0. Colors don't really exist it's just how fast light particles are moving toward you

-5. What if instead of starting counting at one people started at -17

Q. Have you seen the the trick where if people add two of the word the no one notices does that work with the word my

@. I'm going to start naming my highDEAs after song lyrics if you guess the song I'll go on your account and upvote all your highDEAs (note I won't upvote them if I don't like them)

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Sat, 12/10/2011 - 6:42pm

This highdea is named after Cally Man by Slightly Stoopid, but your user name + the first one about shaking your neighbors trees is named after The Joker by Steve Miller Band

Sat, 12/10/2011 - 6:43pm

That was quick lol and I like your taste in music

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 1:41am
shootor123 Says:
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 3:22pm
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 7:08pm
Dynaminum3 Says:
Tue, 12/13/2011 - 11:23pm
yoinkie Says:

haha, I really enjoyed this one.

2) Your not at all crazy, there are only a couple minutes in the day where im not talking inside my head. Well, maybe were both crazy, whos to decide.

3) I saw a study where facebook has made that degree lower, to about 4.2.

6) Thats why I love math. Its the only thing that can purely be universal. Like if you met an alien tommorow, you could try to talk to it, or point it somwhere, try and write something, or ANYTHING, and chances are the alien wouldnt understand you. But if you hold up 1 finger, than 3, than 5, the alien will know that you are an intelligent species, and he/she will understand that you are trying to communicate with them through math(they probably dont call it math, but you know what I mean). Chances are, the alien has lesser species on his/her planet that are just like our animals, and once they are on earth they will probably run into lions, and birds, and all sorts of creatures and determine they are not anywhere close to smart enough to communicate. But math, math is our key to reaching out.

9) Bong apetit, bong_cheif, Dimples, Trolljizz, Guitarjammin, just to name a few.

Q) WTF! I read that sentence 10 times, and I still dont know wtf your trying to say, haha.

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 4:44pm

2. What makes crazy people so different just because they do it outloud

3. Yeah I heard about that but is knowing someone on Facebook really knowing them? I think if you can't identify someone if you see them on the street then you don't know them, if Facebook is your only connection then you know what they look like from a particular angle on a certain day under a specific lighting.

Q. Somebody will get it, I hope

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 3:14am

I saw it. You're a slippery fuck aintcha, you had me reading all close...

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 1:22am
scoobadoob Says:

"After reading the
the sentence, you are
now are that the
the human brain
often does not
inform you that the
the word 'the' has
been repeated twice
every time."

This is what he is talking about except replacing the word "the" with "my".

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 1:44am
shootor123 Says:

Your explanation of math was impeccable. Bravo.

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 6:48pm

number three is crazy, I think about that alot..it's kinda like how everyone could possibly be distantly related..like really distantly..anyone get that ever? back in 10000 bc there was an estimated 1 million people..there's close to 7 billion today, and we all originated from those 1 million..I don't really know what I'm trying to say..it's hard to put into words

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 1:02am
imoeswp Says:

My great grandpa from a long time ago is the same grandpa as Norma Jean Baker's.(Marilyn Monroe). Making us very distant cousins. It'c crazy thinking that stuff.

Wed, 12/14/2011 - 12:32pm

It's like a highdea shmorgishborg!!!
-5. I'm 6 years old
3. As hard as I try I can't connect myself to Kevin Bacon :(
9. Everyone yoinkie said (excluding myself) AGATESTONED, pants, lucidlighter, yoinkie (of course), nowfal (duh), ciscokid, highguy11, moltrez, wilfred, smiggieballs, stonedphysicist, codyPIERCE, hempaholic. That's just off the top, there's a lot i'm forgeting but i'm stoned so cut some slack.

Wed, 12/14/2011 - 7:57pm

3. Lol Kevin Bacon became like the model for this theory

9. I was hoping for links and I'm going to put them all on my about me with a description of their highDEAs

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 3:31pm
TrollJizz Says:

Hey mister [collie man] why don't you come 'round no more?? SS<3

Q- Nope it doesn't apparently haha. #1, caught it. I wonder if it has to do with the positioning in the sentence..

-5. - What if your thumb roared like a dinosaur? What if a hotdog was your tongue?

2- I talk to myself out loud... who's more crazy? Actually I think it's a good way to keep in touch with yourself! Don't trip your'e totally insane and it's all good lol

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 4:45pm

but did you catch the double the's in number Q

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:10pm
TrollJizz Says:

Shit. Nope! Lol guess it only works with the??

Tue, 12/27/2011 - 4:52pm

SpaceCowboy, I heard you got me sensei herb. If so, will you please answer my call?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:33pm

I'd like to nominate SirKush, also. Look at those eyes, you can't say no to that.

Sun, 01/08/2012 - 2:47pm

These owl eyes get all the bitches on my owl dick

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 3:05pm
Space_Owl Says:
Mon, 01/02/2012 - 1:47am
TheGrouch Says:

Hey thanks for adding me to your hall of fame but, sadly i can not take credit for the rhymes. the highdeas are just some of my favorite Lyricist's work. I only post them because i've gotten a lot of feedback about how glad people are for me posting them, so i continue to do it. I do however write rhymes but, i usually just post them as comments. thanks none the less.
P.S this was a great post, it had me smiling from start to finish.


Sat, 01/07/2012 - 6:07pm

That's disappointing, but none the less you will stay on the wall because I enjoyed them but you should post your own lyrics. I feel like I would like them, stay toasty.
Edit: I went back on your highDEA, don't know how I missed the link last time

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 1:26am

1) We can start a chain raking business. Our slogan can be: Damn, them leaves just keep falling. It's amazing what just happened to me. This song came on when I was writing this.

12) I've totally seen that poster before. It really didn't make all that much sense to me either..

http://highdeas.com/users/NBGW <----This guy is amazing.
Oh, and this guy. He doesn't get the respect he deserves! http://highdeas.com/users/spacetimetravel

Too many to name..

Fri, 01/06/2012 - 3:09pm

Led Fucking Zepplin!

And yeah getting this wall up takes a ahit ton of work but I've discovered an amazing amount of good posters

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 1:03am

Collie man by slightly stoopid. My favorite song

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 2:06am
MoLTReZ Says:

2.) your not crazy , i do it all the time. I am my own best friend :)

0.) ya that trips me out all the time to think about it, and to think you have " favorite " colors.

9. Yoinkie , Bong apetit, bong_cheif, Dimples, wilfred, smiggieballs, stonedphysicist, codyPIERCE, hempaholic , coconuthead , CamBam , highguy11 , BadMitch ( just kidding haha ) Mr.Huck and damn i know i am missing some.

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 3:20am

Yeah life is a heavy load, but soon you'll get where you're going and you can stop carrying it. But you'll be glad you did bring it, because there's a lot of cool stuff in there

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 9:28am
StupidName Says:

as for the hall of fame: yoinkie, nowfal, moltrez, , Agatestoned, Bong_appetite, hempaholic, ctodenbach, Elnicko, and wilfred. There's some more but I can't think of anymore without searching for em.

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 2:05pm

You sneaky bastard ahaha i enjoyed this. That was very clever

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 11:27pm

Damn, I thought I was going to be the first one to know it was the song collie man..