Air travel these days can be quite long and stressfull. For the passengers, they are often departing to fulfill some needs or to relax; but both are as stressed with the packing, the reservations, checking in, etc. After lenghty delays, (flights getting cancelled,) and difficulties, once inside the aircraft, there could still be tedious amounts of time remaining before take off. Inside the aircraft, there are many factors which evoke more stress and uncomfortableness such as space restrictions, cabin temperature, noise (have you been on a fucking plane with babies screaming), air turbulence, claustrophobia, boredom, bad food, etc. For the comfort of the passengers, (deep breath) cannabis and cannabis based products should be available at both airports and airplanes. Now if you are about to think of 'drug smuggling', remember that on aboard most transatlantic passenger flights and airports, alcohol (duty free and in bars) is readily (at some airports, alcohol is ubiquitous). Caffeine hasent been even brought up yet; theres cafes and fucking expresso coffee shops at the airport. You take a sip of some of this fine ground coloumbian shit and your Tony Montana for the next hour. They also sell that hulk shit redbull, monster and rockestar energy drinks And dont forget the smoke shops and cigarettes being available. They do accomodate passengers with smoking areas at the airport. (It's already been established that alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are far worse than thc). I'm saying that they should accomodate us by having desginated cannabis smoking areas, im sure most of us wont mind using the exsisting smoking area. They should begin serving cannabis based foods/snacks on board, along with allowing you to bring your cannabis based foods on the flight. And maybe they can even arrange for to have a few vaporizers aboard each aircraft, because of smoking/fire hazzards in the cabin. And they could charge for this. It would be in their intrest. The majoirty of the passengers dont use cannabis anyways. You might say that what if the pilots start using cannabis while flying. You should ask about the risk of them using alcohol and all their caffeine stimulants to stay awake. As pilots who have decades of flying expereince would be responsibile not to do that. You should be able to bring your own cannabis, but it has to be inspected by the airport, and you are allowed x grams per ykm of flight travel (Again, how many people do you think will start bringing cannabis). Air travel will become so much less stressfull.


Thu, 07/14/2011 - 1:53pm

this. is . genius. some seriously awesome points here.