I sit, I think, I blink, I breathe. I focus on the moment.
I show up to my inner self. I need a moment.
I ask for my own help. I own this moment.
My breaths are long, because I’m gone.
I left for a little while. I was all out of smiles.
Don't worry though, I found some more.
It’s early tomorrow or late yesterday.
I must say the sorrow always festers.
Dismay stays at bay until night, and then it’s quite the fright.
I wait for sunrise for these demons to hide.
Phasing in and out, I'm beginning to doubt.
Which is which? The truth is spinning, the room is leaning
And I’m not breathing. My head aches from these fakes
Flaking around, messing with Fate’s stakes with Destiny.
It’s weird; I fear how I think I'll fare in the end.
I ‘member me but I've forgotten you entirely, I’m without empathy.
The world ended years ago, we're all just in denial.
Chaos riled up from ages lost and no chance of revival.
It’s vital we understand that life is just a trial for the next cycle.
Time isn't anything what we think; I did find this out at least.
The brink of collapse, these fink saps that rule our population
Keep the ones in power in power in this nation.



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