Jimmy was just your average quit stoner. Never drew much attention to himself. Junior in college, working his way into the world. The day was August 28th, 1975. (About 36 years from this exact date) Now Jimmy was very busy, either working his regular job or his night job, or at school, or doing homework. The point is every night after Jimmy gets home from his night job, he would relax, play his favorite music, smoke a bowl or two and drift off into his dreams. But little did he know how the next few years would unfold.

One night after Jimmy returned he was off to his room with his favorite pipe. Jimmy then grabbed his weed and pulled out a large nug. After breaking off the first side of the nug, Jimmy was confused about his findings. In between the nug and the broken off piece was a tiny round ball. Almost like what you see when you play pacman. When he looked closer it appeared to be a seed. One simple seed, but Jimmy knew it's potential. This seed will grow his own weed. He took an old potted plant, ripped the roots out and planted the seed. The next few months was almost kind of an emotional experience. Watering the plant so it could grow, giving it plenty of light, and taking care of it. It is alive.
He called up an old dealer from a ways back and asked him if he could help harvest his plants. Having never done the old dealer wrong the man accepted and taught Jimmy to harvest. His first ever weed plant was successful.
Now while Jimmy smoked, he found more seeds. More seeds meant more plants, more weed, and even more seeds! Jimmy decided that this could be his calling. That one job that could make him the happiest was growing. Now at the time weed is being repressed. Campaigns created to strike down the plant as evil and a "gateway drug". Nine years later, Jimmy continues to grow, moves into a house with the income he is making, and with the purchase of the house, he has more land to grow his plants. The DEA strikes at Jimmy multiple time over the next ten years but he continues to come back and grow.
Having had the government come for him over the years for growing marijuana, Jimmy becomes a pro weed political figure. He fights first to pass medicinal marijuana bills across the United States. Sixteen years later congress finally begins to listen to the pro marijuana activists. Bills are shot down at the next few elections but slowly gains more support. In the end marijuana is legalized and controlled because of the work of Jimmy.
Now lets fast forward a bit. The year is 2040. Jimmy is in his mid 60's and running a business. What business you might ask? A marijuana business. Acres and acres of farmland all owned by Jimmy and his company. He now runs the most successful marijuana distrobution company ever. With weed legal for about 15 years, the government has taxed the distrobution. The debt began to be paid off and unemployment dropped massively. The economy returned and people could live without the fear of will there be money tomorrow. We use the money instead for research. Alternative evergy, medicine, space travel.
Lets go backwards through the events, economy returns, weed is legalized, DEA arrest weed dealers like Jimmy, a boy becomes a grower, and a plant is planted from a seed. All from a seed. Jimmy saw how he could change the world and grow just like that one little seed.

Thank you for reading and sticking to the end. I know it was long but I hoped you learned a little something. Now is Jimmy real? Who knows? He may exist but not even be named Jimmy. It could be anybody. But you won't know if it's you if you don't try.


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Nice story dude. It made me feel hopeful

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Haha thanks the entire time i was typing that i was thinking nobody would read it. But im glad it made you feel that way.

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