OK... so at like 3:45 I was sitting in front of my computer... and I was like damn... my dad didn't give me much to smoke today I finished it all already.. so I went to the fridge... was out of milk for cereal so i was like.. OK, I'll go downstairs with a Thermos to get some milk and ask for more weed, and to see if dad was going out to get coffee later so he could get me one... I grabbed the thermos was about to walk out the door when he knocked.. my dad with, 2 Grams of weed, a coffee a gallon of milk a candy bar and a box of Hostas doughnuts... it was pure awesomeness... considering the fact I was still stoned from 2:30.... My dad gave me coffee, weed, milk and food... 12 donughts and a large cookies and cream candy bar... BEST 4:20 EVER! THANX DAD!


Mon, 04/18/2011 - 8:00pm
hadadat Says:

Your father sounds similar to mine. Be thankful! We have cool mothafuckin fathers, dog